Mailbox Monday 11/11/13

Another Monday – but this one is special as it’s Remembrance Day in Australia and in many other countries too. Lest we forget. In Australia, a lot of people buy red poppies (usually fabric/plastic – my real ones bloom much earlier in the year) and wear them. There’s also two minutes silence at 11am to remember the fallen and those who fought for our freedom today.

I’m grateful that I can go out and read/buy books on pretty much every subject thanks to these people. Here’s what I received in my letterbox over the past week:

Elianne by Judy Nunn is a sweeping historical drama set in Australia – Queensland’s sugar plantations to be exact. My mum is a big fan of Judy’s but I know more of her through watching Home and Away many years ago! Thanks to Anna at The Reading Room for this book.

I also received a copy of The Best Man by Dianna Blacklock from The Reading Room and Pan Macmillan. I was really pleased to receive this as I’ve seen a lot of buzz about Dianne’s books on Twitter. Plus, who could resist this gorgeous cover?

How does your country mark Remembrance Day? What did you find in your mailbox this week?

Do visit Crystal at I totally paused! for the Mailbox Monday linky. Mailbox Monday was started by Marcia as a way of sharing your new books and having fun at the same time.


11 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 11/11/13

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  1. bought my red poppy on Friday and left it at home today, bah!
    should be able to find another one today though really not looking forward to go outside at lunchtime -what a dreary day!
    A good day to stay indoors & read though 😉 *wishing am not at work*

  2. It’s Veteran’s Day in the US. There are some events and government offices are closed, and no mail either. We buy our poppies on Memorial Day, in May.

    Enjoy the new books.

  3. We fly our US flag on this day. I remember my husbands grandfather calling this day Armistice Day but it’s now called Veteran’s Day.
    Hope you enjoy your new books!

  4. Both of these are new to me, but I’m really intrigued by Elianne. I don’t know that I’ve ever read anything that takes place in Australia, but it’s definitely a place I’d love to visit (either in person or through a book!)

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