Are you a book two timer?

For the majority of my life, I’ve been monogamous when it comes to books. Start one, finish it. Start another and repeat process. I always thought it would be this way – I read fast enough so that the ‘other’ book I desperately want to read will have its place in the sun soon. Plus, how could I ever keep multiple plots, characters and twists in my head?

Then I started getting a bit sneaky, dipping in and out of the odd non-fiction book while I was reading another book. This wasn’t cheating, I told myself – it was learning and entertainment.

A few years later and I changed worksites – the new place was quicker to get to using public transport. So, I decided that I’d have a separate read for commuting – something I figured it wouldn’t be devastating if I accidently left the book at work. (Actually, it is devastating I found out later because you have nothing to read on the way home. This is where a Kindle/Kobo app comes in very handy. The worst case scenario is no book and no phone battery!)

You can tell that by now I was slipping into book polygamy, completely obliviously. Then this week, I decided I needed a lighter read as well to ‘tune out’ after exams. My current fiction and non-fiction reads were too heavy to hold in the air while I lay down; my commuting book is…for commuting…

And that’s how I ended up reading four books at once this week. On reflection, I don’t think I’ll go back to reading just one book. It’s nice to have something to pick from based on how I feel – if I’m feeling really tired, I’ll go for my light read. If I want to read for just a little while, I’ll pick the non-fiction book (I find these easier to stop reading). But sometimes, one story will take over and I’ll read it, excluding all others until it’s finished. I’m not ashamed; in fact I’m a little bit proud that I can keep track of characters and plots in my mind. You can also probably tell how busy/tired I’ve been by the books I’ve finished recently.

Are you a one book person? Do you have different reads for different occasions? I’d love to know if I’m not the only two (or three or four) timer out there!


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  1. I have never thought about this concept until very recently. I read ‘books, ‘ have an ereader and now I have been given a Kindle. I wondered how I could show my appreciation of the gift, then I thought perhaps I could try having two books being read at the same time. I have never done this, unless you count studying. I am not sure how it will go but I will try.

  2. I was the same. Never understood the concept of a TBR pile. I’d just read them. But for me it changed when I made writer friends, so bought books faster and somewhat clumped by genre. Sometimes I just need a change. Also, I have ebooks and paper books now and I’ll often have at least one of each on the go. I think I’m probably a convert now, too!

      1. I know what you mean! I only do it when necessary. I have toddler twins and I read on my phone when I’m sitting in their bedroom waiting for them to fall asleep. Sometimes it’s the only peace I get!

  3. I have been known to read more than one book at once but typically I’m monogamous, whether the book is fiction/non-fiction/kindle/paper. I get frustrated that I’m not finishing books quickly enough when I have more than one on the go.

  4. At a minimum I have two books going, one print and one audio. But sometimes I’ll add a non-fiction book to the mix or I’ll have an audio on cd in the car and another on my mp3 player. Or any combination or all of the above. I don’t mix them up because they are always different genres.

  5. Haha! No I’m strictly a one-book gal 🙂 I have cheated once in a while but only if I’m close to the end of a book & have a reason to need something more substantial e.g. going away.

  6. I am a two at a time person. One hard copy, which I read at home (unless I’m completely hooked, then it will go in my bag), and one on my kindle for away from home and travelling. The kindle is easier for travelling, that’s why I got it, but I prefer to read a hard copy.

    Although yes, sometimes one gets me hooked then I have to have it the whole time. I’ve even been known to switch bags so I can fit my physical book in.

    The only problem comes for me when I have two books one the go which are somehow similar, then they are harder to separate from one another.

    1. I think I might be your twin Lucybird 🙂 I’ve accidently read two books lately involving young mothers and adoption (one didn’t mention it on the blurb) and it’s been tough separating them in my mind.

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