Mailbox Monday 20/1/14

A new year means a new home for Mailbox Monday. Originally created by Marcia of To Be Continued, you can find the linky list all year round at Mailbox Monday.

Fortunately the weather cooled down last week in the West, but not until a bushfire had claimed 55 homes. There are still a number of bushfires raging in South Australia and Victoria after the heat moved east. It’s really not nice when the ABC Emergency tweets are prominent in the Twitter timeline. My thoughts go out to everyone who has lost something or someone.

In terms of books this week, I bought three from Bookworld’s post-Christmas sale that were nicely discounted. Due to all the public holidays, the arrival was a bit delayed but it’s not like I don’t have anything to read! I chose three books:

The Book of Fate by Parinoush Saniee has intrigued me for quite a while. Translated from Persian, it is the story of Massoumeh in a changing Iran. I love the cover of My Life in Black and White by Kim Izzo. It’s about Clara, who goes to London to get her boyfriend back, but ends up investigating a mystery involving her grandmother. Penny Vincenzi is an author who is a ‘must-buy’ for me. Love in the Afternoon and other delights is not her usual thick novel, but a collection of short stories and newspaper articles. Plus, it has an excerpt from her new novel (no title given, but it may be A Kind of Promise or A Perfect Heritage, out mid-2014).

I also received a surprise book in the mail, courtesy of Penguin Australia and The Reading Room. It was a copy of Close Up by Kate Forster and I want those sunglasses on the cover! (Also the lipstick too – what a gorgeous red-coral).

This book is about three women from different backgrounds trying to make it in Hollywood. Described as racy and glamorous, I think it sounds like a perfect beach read!

What finds were inside your letterbox this week?


14 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 20/1/14

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  1. ah, yeah… my resolved not to buy too many books has been decimated as I caved in within 13 days into 2014 by purchasing… um, I’d rather not say, how many! LOL

    They’ve not yet arrived so err… you’ll see them later on my blog, i suppose, ha ha ha

  2. Sorry to hear about the bushfires. What a bad start to the year. Hope things get better soon for them 😦

    Those books are interesting. Happy reading!

  3. These are all new titles for me. The cover of Close Up could be an advertisement for the lipstick!

    The fires do seem to be getting worse every year and the weather changes more extreme. We are about to get our second blast of arctic air while other parts of the planet are roasting.

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