An Evening with David Sedaris, 24th January

24th January 2014

After a day where a particularly sticky antifungal dripped down my arm and I met an old friend in the bathroom, I had the pleasure of attending the very well air-conditioned Perth Concert Hall for an evening of entertainment with David Sedaris…

If I wrote a journal, yesterday’s entry would have started like that. After an evening with David Sedaris, I can definitely see the joys of journaling but I don’t think I can match his observational wit.

Thanks to Hachette, I won a double pass to see David Sedaris live on the Perth leg of his national tour. I’m so glad I won this prize because:

  1. I haven’t laughed like that for a very long time
  2. Surely that kind of consistent laughter is good for stomach toning
  3. There was air-conditioning (Day 8 of 30˚C + weather)
  4. I am now an utter convert to David Sedaris and his writing.

What surprised me was that before the show, David was signing and autographing books for willing fans. Amazing. Oxford St Books also had a very well stocked table of his books and were highly knowledgeable about all the titles.

I had great seats – seventh row and a great view. As you can see, the stage was set very simply:

David came out and launched straight into reading one of his pieces. You may think initially that this is boring, but he has perfect comic timing. He knows when to pause, when to explain the joke (one flew straight over the heads of most of the audience). I got so much more out of the words when he read them – in particular, Memory Laps from Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. Within 30 seconds of beginning, the audience was laughing and they continued right through the night. I also loved how he expanded on things in each piece – aren’t you interested to know what happened to Greg Lakas from Memory Laps? (I’m not going to tell you – it’s definitely worth waiting for David to say it – and it’s completely true according to Google!).

David finished the show by taking questions from the audience which varied from “Which of your books should I read first?” to “How are your teeth?” The bonus was that after the show, David came back to sign books and discuss (often at length) with a queue the width of the venue and then some. I’m sure he must have been there for hours! The queue was jubilant and very patient as we waited our turn. Then it was my time! Fearing an out-of-left-field question, I jumped in first by speaking Japanese – Mr Sedaris, your Japanese is so very good! We then chatted about medication labelling. A lovely guy – I’m sure I could talk to him for hours and hours! I look forward to your return to Perth, David!

Thank you again to Hachette – the next time David Sedaris tours, I’ll be waiting impatiently for the box office to open for more Sedaris wit.


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  1. I was at last night’s performance too. Like you I did not know a lot about David Sedaris before the performance. I thoroughly enjoyed it too and laughed all evening. He is quite brilliant and I will now read all of his books.
    I can’t help but wonder how much of his future stories will be based on the lengthy conversations he had with each book buyer. Rather a lot I think.

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