Mailbox Monday 10/2/14

I can’t say that my mind has been on books too much lately as I’ve been thinking about holidays and more importantly, where to spend them! I haven’t done my usual browsing of bookshops and websites, but I’m hoping to go for a wander to one of my favourite bookstores in town today.

Hence, just one book in the mail this week – but one that I really wanted. Thanks to Bloomsbury Sydney and The Reading Room for Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse. The book is about Hannah, who has fallen madly in love with Mark and married him. One day Mark doesn’t come home and Hannah begins to discover that Mark’s life is very different to what she thought it was… Don’t you love the cover? I think it’s amazing.

2014 means a new home for Mailbox Monday. Originally created by Marcia of To Be Continued, you can find the linky list all year round at Mailbox Monday. Join in the fun there!


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