Mailbox Monday 17/2/14

Last week went by really fast and I think some of this one will too. Things seem to be picking themselves out of the summer slump and everyone is back to being busy, busy with holidays long forgotten. Fortunately, this also means that the amounts of new books on the shelves rise! I didn’t find anything on my bookshop trip last week, but I did get a book I ordered from Readings in Melbourne:

I do love this hardback series of Virago Modern Classics and at half price I couldn’t resist! The Magic Toyshop by Angela Carter will be the first of her books for me. It sounds slightly Gothic and dramatic after Melanie’s world is ‘shattered’ after a trip across the lawn in her mother’s wedding dress. Enter in living with new relatives in London and a puppet workshop and I’m captivated.

My second book was from The Reading Room and Bloomsbury – thank you! It’s a copy of Terms and Conditions by Robert Glancy, an author who has me at footnotes and chapters titles ‘Terms & Conditions of Coffee’. The novel is about Frank after he has been in a car accident – things have changed and he’s missing some memories. I think this book will be both sad and funny. The ARC (with incredibly high quality paper) also comes with a letter from Helen Garnons-Williams at Bloomsbury, explaining why she loved the book. I adore things like that and find them very, very persuasive!

Well, I’d better get back to work – but I’ll sneak in a few pages of reading here and there!

Have a great week!

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