Mailbox Monday 14/4/14

I was planning to show you my big book haul from a recent city trip this week, but I had a huge mailbox this week so I thought I’d show you that instead. (Plus, I’ve been incredibly busy and have barely touched my haul books. To top it off, it’s stinking hot again!) It was a great surprise to get these books in the mail, as I was only expecting one. So, let’s get down to business.

Monday was a bumper day – three books and a sampler! The first book was a prize I won from Pan Macmillan on Goodreads – thank you! This is the first book I’ve won from there for about four years, so my faith is now restored in the programme. Ronan’s Echo by Joanna Van Os is fiction, set between the present day and World War I. It involves twin brothers, a woman and her great-granddaughter. Plus, the cover is total book porn for me – clothes and makeup are great.

The next parcel was a bumper delivery from Allen & Unwin and The Reading Room. The Steady Running of the Hour by Justin Go is set post World War I, as Tristan (a young American) discovers he may be heir to an English estate. There’s one catch – he must find evidence to prove it, prompting a race across Europe with many twists. The cover also features a brilliant hat! The book is available in Australia in May. The Word Ghost by Christine Paice is more modern in setting (1973 England) and involves ghosts in Rebecca’s new house, love and a slightly creepy village. A perfect one for a rainy weekend I think! (The release date for this book is June 2014 for Australia). Finally, I received a chapter sampler for Keelen Mailman’s The Power of Bones (out next month here), which is her autobiography of growing up in country Australia in the 1960s to running a cattle station. This will be read over my lunch this week. Thank you all!

After a couple of days, the parcel post man had recovered and caught me on the way to work with a parcel from Harlequin, which I was very excited about. It was Outback Blaze by Rachael Johns (released May)! This is the second book in the Bunyip Bay series and follows the story of Ruby and Drew. There’s a big fire in town that brings them closer together – but will these outsiders lose their hearts to Bunyip Bay? I adored Outback Dreams and Drew on the cover is just gorgeous. Look at his eyes!

On Friday, We are Called to Rise by Laura McBride arrived from Simon & Schuster (for release in May/June 2014 here). I was immediately captivated by the ice cream truck on the cover but the blurb enthralled me. Many things are happening to different characters across the country – these people don’t know each other, but their lives intersect at that point in time. How will they react to loss? Fall – or rise? I think this book is going be both emotional and insightful.

These books are really making me wish I had some of Easter off to read! To those who celebrate Easter, happy Easter and take care.

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