Mailbox Monday 12/5/14: the e edition

Over the last week, I was laid low and didn’t venture out much. Perhaps the parcel post man and postie felt the same way, because my mailbox was devoid of books! Thank goodness for publishers and Net Galley – I was able to indulge my craving for new books without moving very much at all.

Do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find something you want to read, as well as much more impressive mailboxes!

Lauren Owen’s The Quick was from Random House UK (Vintage Publishing – one of my faves in the Random House group). This one caught my eye – it combines elements of fantasy (which my friends are always telling me to read more of), Victorian England, romance and horror. Plus, it has an owl on the cover! What more could you wish for?

The next two books are from Escape Publishing (digital publisher, part of Harlequin Australia). They’re both released 1st June. The cheeky title of Framed and Hung by Alexis Fleming got me interested. A novella, the storyline features nude painting, historical restorations and the steamy Jake.

I was happy to see on Twitter that Jenny Schwartz has a new book coming out, Hero Duty. Jessica is a modern day Cinderella, but with a twist – she’s completely cashed up. She wants Brodie – in return she’ll reward him financially, but what happens when love intervenes?

Both The Nightingale Girls and The Nightingale Nurses by Donna Douglas are part of a series (#1 and #3 respectively – idiot me clicked on #3 instead of #2!) set in 1930s England, following a group of student nurses. I couldn’t resist a series described as ‘perfect for fans of Call the Midwife‘, so thank you to Random House UK North America! I’m hoping these will cure my withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, The Girl in 6E by A.R. Torre (released by Hachette in Australia on 29th July) is a completely different kettle of fish. It’s about a girl who makes money on the internet (charging $6.99 a minute) and doesn’t leave her apartment. But what caught my attention was the tag line ‘And she hasn’t killed anyone for years’. This is the story of what happens when she leaves the apartment…

Have you read any of these books? Which ones interest you?

9 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 12/5/14: the e edition

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  1. I love the look of the two books The Nightingale Nurses. Interesting the link to Florence Nightingale. Also the Girl in6E sounds very mystifying. I will keep my eyes out for these.

  2. I’ve been fighting the temptation to request a copy of The Quick. I think I’d like it for the same reasons you mention… problem is, I don’t have enough reading time to add any more books for a couple months.

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