Love on Location by Claire Baxter

In brief: Shayna’s a location scout- soon to be manager (hopefully) for a new Aussie drama. However, she’s never been forced out on a date to get the location she wants – but nothing will come of this, right?

The good: Really fun – mixes glamour with behind the scenes and some goodies and baddies.

The not-so-good: I would have liked to have seen a little more of Shayna and Lachlan’s pasts.

Why I chose it: Really enjoy the Random Romance series – thanks Random House for the eBook!

Year: 2014

Pages: 157 (eARC)

Publisher: Random House Australia

Setting: Australia

My rating: 7.5 out of 10

I’m on a bit of a show business fiction kick at the moment if you haven’t noticed! There are so many wonderful stories that revolve around the glamour, fashion and mystery of what happens behind the camera. Love on Location takes a different aspect of this business – its heroine is a location scout and hero the owner of The Perfect House for a new series. It’s also an Australian setting, which was even more interesting to me because it’s a much smaller industry and I’ve been to similar places that are mentioned in the book. Who knows, next time I might just spy some of the talent on offer like Love on Location.

Shayna is a location scout, soon to be manager (don’t worry if you don’t know what they do, there’s an excellent explanation – no Wikipedia required). She’s after the perfect house by the water in Sydney for a new series. She’s found her location, but the owner isn’t willing to give up his house to a film crew. Perhaps if Shayna went out to dinner with him, it could be of use…

Don’t worry; this book is nowhere as sleazy as I’ve just made it sound. It’s a sweet romance (i.e. no steamy-embarrassing-on-public-transport scenes) with a very likeable hero in Lachlan, ex-child actor and son of a famous family, now an architect who shuns the spotlight. (He’s realistically drool worthy – and he designs gorgeous sounding houses). Shayna’s a somewhat troubled heroine, with family issues and the need to prove herself at work to pursue her dream. Even though the pair tries to keep it casual, you know what’s going to happen – and it’s a lovely job as a reader to find out how it does.

Although Love on Location is listed as a novella, it’s a fairly long one. There’s a good set up of the initial tension between Shayna and Lachlan, the relaxing and fun times as they become friends and then as they become an item. I would have liked to have seen the conflict and Shayna’s problems spread out a little more through the book, as the issues the couple had to work through seemed to be close together at the end. There are also some sweet moments as Shayna helps to repair a family rift, which is starkly in contrast to her life as a foster child. This is another thing I’d like to have seen explored more, but I think if all those things were included the book would not only be much longer but lose some of the sweet tone. Love on Location is essentially a book to put a smile on your face while you’re stuck under someone’s armpit on a train (yes, this did happen to me) and brighten up your day.

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