Mailbox Monday 2/6/14

So it’s now officially winter (or summer, depending where you are). There’s plenty of opportunity for cosy reading on the couch or lazy reading on the beach. I’d like to have the opportunity to do one (or both) of those soon! This has been another really busy week but I’ve been fortunate to have a few parcels waiting for me when I get home.

The first book was a prize from Booktopia, a copy of From the Feet Up by Tanya Saad – signed! This is a memoir of how Tanya finds that she is positive for the BRCA1 gene and what she does about it. Thanks Booktopia – I think this will be really interesting, as I know a fair bit about BRCA1 from the molecular/clinical point of view, but not so much about the human experience.

The second book was also a prize, this time from Hachette Australia. This was Mark Billingham’s new book, The Bones Beneath. It’s a crime story involving Tom Thorne and a criminal offering to show where he’s buried some bodies. But as things turn sour on a remote island, there are new bodies to be added… Thanks Hachette!

The next one was another prize, this time a bag full of stuff from Random House and Penguin Australia’s National Book Bloggers Forum. As I wasn’t able to attend due to work and family, this prize makes me feel like I was nearly there. Thanks Random House! Inside the lovely bag was a Random House pen, notebook, notecards, bookmarks, a discount voucher from Bookworld (used within 10 minutes) and BOOKS! There’s a beautiful hardcover copy of Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta (one of my favourite books as a teen about a girl looking for her father) and a copy of Stoner by John Williams. I’ve wanted to read this for ages – it’s about life as a student and teacher, a quiet life that still has its ups and downs. Zoe Foster’s The Wrong Girl is another book I’ve wanted to read about Lily, who is taking a ‘man-break’ after a few issues but is distracted by a new TV star in her midst…

The next two books are a little different to what I’ve been reading lately, but they both seem like things I’d enjoy. Steve Sailah’s A Fatal Tide is set in the First World War as Thomas and his mate Snow try to track down who killed Thomas’s father. As the mystery deepens, the war becomes more heated and there are many people after Thomas. This book is set for an August 1st 2014 release in Australia. Finally, Skinjob by Bruce McCabe introduces federal agent Daniel Madsen who is after a bomber on the loose in San Francisco. Can he find the culprit who seems to have much higher connections than first thought?

Finally, a very pleasant surprise awaited me at the end of a very long Friday. It was a copy of Lynda La Plante’s latest, Twisted from Simon & Schuster. I had marked this as a must for June, so it was lovely to receive it! This is a new stand-alone thriller about a missing girl, Amy, and a family falling apart in the wake of her disappearance. Why did her father lie about his alibi? What is her mother hiding about the state of her marriage? Can the police find Amy before it’s too late?

Have you read any of these books? What type of books are you planning to read this summer or winter?


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  1. I read Looking for Alibrandi many years ago. I do love the idea of curling up with a book in the cool weather.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by the Lair, sometimes the cover makes all the difference!

    I like your haul this week and am adding Mark Billingham to my tbr list

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