Framed and Hung by Alexis Fleming

In brief: Zoe’s doing a renovation and restoration for a lady who happens to be the mother of her high school crush. She never expected to see Jake naked on her first day…

The good: Full of drama and sexual tension.

The not-so-good: Would have liked to have seen a little more description of Alice Springs as the setting as it’s a gorgeous place.

Why I chose it: Looked fun and sexy, thanks to Escape Publishing and Net Galley for the eARC.

Year: 2014

Pages: 83

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Setting: Alice Springs, Australia

My rating: 7.5 out of 10

Framed and Hung is a short and very sexy novella combining the real world with romance and the odd ghost. If you like your romance straight, don’t worry because the ghost is not a big plot point, but adds a bit more fun to a story that is full of drama, crazy moments and naked bodies.

Fleming doesn’t waste time – in the opening scene, hero Jake is caught very short by heroine Zoe in nothing but his birthday suit. For a staid banker, Jake has a habit of wandering around with next to nothing on and Zoe has the luck of often finding him that way! The tension sizzles between the two from the first page and never lets up. In between his mother’s matchmaking, Jake’s running for local council and happens to have an opponent that’s digging for dirty tricks to bring him down. Zoe’s renovating the family’s old inn on the outskirts of Alice Springs and even a ghost is trying to bring her together with Jake. Just as it seems that everyone has what they want, a big misunderstanding between the two has all bets off. Zoe’s revenge is big in more ways than one but has ramifications that will hurt Jake’s election hopes – can she redeem him and finish off what they started?

This novella deserves a super sexy rating – there’s frank sexy discussions between Zoe and Jake and even the ghost isn’t all the pure (even though he can’t talk, he likes to pinch women’s bottoms)! It’s probably responsible for some of the high temperatures seen in Alice Springs (just about in the middle of Australia)! I would have liked to have seen a little more detail about Alice Springs, as it’s a gorgeous desert town but I also enjoyed that the focus was on the characters and their interactions.

If you’re looking to heat up your house this winter, try Framed and Hung!

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