Batter Up by Robyn Neeley

In brief: Emma has a talent – she can whip cake batter that will tell a bachelor the name of his future wife. She’s not as lucky in love though – but will reporter Jason change that, or will he destroy her business?

The good: It’s fun, heart-warming and captures perfectly that small town feel.

The not-so-good: I think this book should be supplied with cupcakes, as there are many mentions of delicious flavours!

Why I chose it: Offered a copy by the author (thanks Robyn)!

Year: 2014

Pages: 151

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Setting: USA

My rating: 10 out of 10

If ever you’re in need of a cheering-up, sweet and funny romance, look no further than Batter Up. This romance story combines magic cake batter, delicious cupcakes and oodles of eligible, eager bachelors to whip up a story that will leave you more than satisfied! It combines elements of sweet romance, enemies to friends and a bit of ro-magic to make a page-turner that will make you smile.

It’s an odd concept, but bachelors of Buttermilk Falls eagerly crowd Emma Stevens’ bakery every Monday night. Why? For that’s the night one lucky bachelor will be picked to find out his future wife’s name – spelled in cake batter. It’s something the women of Emma’s family have been doing for three generations, but Emma only has the batter spell mastered. For everything else, she’s unlucky in love – but more than happy with her 100% success rate of happy unions. Right?

Jason is on a bachelor trip to Las Vegas with his friend when they meet up with a bachelorette party and are invited to a Vegas wedding. The happy couple happen to be one of Emma’s batter pairings. Always on duty, the journalist in Jason thinks there’s a story in this smacking of fraud. Once he arrives in Buttermilk Falls though, he starts to change his mind after meeting Emma. Add in an auction for a summer fling and a lot of time spent together and Jason might be the one for Emma. But does the cake batter agree?

This book is wonderfully fun. If you’re not ro-magically inclined, please still try it because the magic batter is only one part of the story. It’s a story of enemies to friends (and then lovers) and recovering from loss. The secondary characters are also wonderfully funny (especially Abby, Emma’s cousin and Brandon, Jason’s friend with their ‘boy/girl germs’ attraction towards each other). I hope there’s more to come from Buttermilk Falls and Robyn Neeley, as it’s a wonderful setting for many more romances, even those ones that didn’t need batter help!

Sweet and funny, Batter Up will appeal to fans of small town romances, Rebecca Raisin and Sheila Roberts. Plus, you’ll have many inspirational ideas for cupcakes!

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