Mailbox Monday 18/8/14: A Fortnight of Book Mail

The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that I missed last week’s Mailbox Monday, as I was away on holiday. To be honest, I was only expecting one book in the post so I didn’t think I’d have anything to share anyway! But I was very lucky and received a lot of lovely surprises over the past fortnight, so much that my own haul needs to wait until next week for fearing of collapsing the internet (think this amount and then some more)! Thank you to all the lovely people who sent me books, it was rather fortuitous as I managed to sprain my ankle pretty badly not long after getting home. Instead of working off all the food, I was forced to sit around instead!

Here’s what arrived in approximate order over the last two weeks:

From Simon & Schuster Australia, two new releases – thank you! The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore is a dual narrative (love!) between 1930s England and 1970s USA. It’s a tale of lost love for mother and daughter and confronting the past. Plus, Jojo Moyes is the quote on the cover – what’s not to like? The King’s Curse by Philippa Gregory is the final book in The Cousin’s War series, and tells the story of King Henry VIII’s rise to power from the point of view of Margaret Pole, who was seen as a rival to the Tudors and was hastily set aside. She becomes lady in waiting to Queen Katherine (one of my favourite royals from this era), but needs to make a choice on where her loyalties lie. I enjoy Gregory’s novels, as not only are they entertaining but I get to fill in the gaps in my English history.

Don’t you adore the cover of Barbara Hannay’s Moonlight Plains? This came from Penguin Australia and The Reading Room and is set in Australia’s far North Queensland during the second World War and present day (super love). It involves a secret kept over years that could change the family’s happiness. Can’t wait to read this, as Barbara’s category romances and rural romances come very highly recommended. Thank you!

The front of Linwood Barclay’s No Safe House
stumped the resident parcel opener because the cover doesn’t mention the title (“How can a book be called ‘In 2008, one book sold 1.2 million copies’?” he asked). Thanks to Hachette Australia and The Reading Room, I know the title and popularity of No Time for Goodbye. No Safe House
combines suspense, family drama and crime into one taut thriller. This looks like it could be an all-nighter, thank you!

The Break by Deb Fitzpatrick came from The Reading Room and local publisher, Fremantle Press. It’s set locally in Western Australia’s south west and is about a family moving to Margaret River and another family that’s always lived there. They are fighting against development on the coast, but another disaster is about to befall them… I’m excited about all the local references in this book!

From Allen & Unwin and The Reading Room came two of October’s blockbuster novels. The first is Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, about a disappearing mother and the daughter who decides to search for her. The second is Maggie Joel’s Half the World in Winter, set in 1880s London amidst the death of two young girls and the search for meaning. I loved The Storyteller and The Second-last Woman in England, so I’m really happy to have these!

The final parcel was a package of rollicking reads from Simon & Schuster Australia’s September releases. One Kick by Chelsea Cain
is the first in a series starring new heroine Kick Lannigan. She’s damaged, feisty and eager to help out when two children go missing – just like she once did – but is there something more sinister happening? Sean Slater’s The Unforgiven
is written by a Vancouver policeman, so you know this tale of Detective Jacob Striker is going to be as true as being there. This tale involves a burning bus depot with a body inside that has a lot more to it than first thought. Aussie author Anna Romer
is back with a new novel, Lyrebird Hill. It’s about a woman, Ruby, returning home after the suspicious death of her sister. She finds a lot more than she bargained for and it’s more shocking than she expected. Can’t wait to get stuck into these!

Do stop in at the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find something you want to read, as well as more great books!

13 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 18/8/14: A Fortnight of Book Mail

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  1. Moonlight Plains does look gorgeous! The Break and The Beekeeper’s Daughter also caught my eye. Some good reading ahead! Have a great week Sam 🙂

  2. I have never read Linwood Barclay, but now I’m curious! And wow! You got the new Jodi Picoult! I have pre-ordered it, but I’m hoping it will show up on a review site (Vine) so I can read it sooner. Hope you enjoy One Kick…I am looking forward to this new series, based on this first book. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. What a great selection!
    I have heard many great things about Chelsea Cain but have yet to read her myself. Hope all your books are amazing! Happy reading!

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