Tease Me, Cowboy by Rachael Johns

In brief: Selah’s come home to cover Marietta’s Copper Mountain rodeo and over drinks with her friends, confesses that she regrets she never slept with her high school boyfriend, Levi. Guess who just walked through the door…

The good: Fantastic story with excellent characterisation and a cracking plot that has made me rethink my opinion of cowboys!

The not-so-good: Now I want, no need, to read all the books in the Montana Born Rodeo series! (Because what is going on with Chelsea?)

Why I chose it: Because Rachael Johns is one of my favourite authors and she was so kind to send me a copy. This meant that I had to sit and read it ASAP!

Year: 2014

Pages: 102 (eBook ARC)

Publisher: Tule Publishing Group

Setting: Marietta, Montana

My rating: 9.5 out of 10

A new Rachael Johns book is always a momentous occasion in my household. People start asking me weeks in advance to make sure I get the book ASAP on release. So it was very timely that Rachael asked me if I’d like to read her first book about cowboys, as I’d been Amazon-stalking her to try to get a copy to quieten the masses. Of course, that meant it was mine to read first!

Being Australian and not having much experience with cowboys beyond Forgetful Jones in Sesame Street, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. How would an American cowboy compare to my favourite rugged rural Aussie boys? In the end, I worried for no reason. Cowboys are hot, hot, hot and definitely worthy of hero status. Levi, the cowboy and hero of Tease Me, Cowboy, is smart, clever, caring and a genuinely nice guy. He also looks good on a horse and in a pick-up truck. After reading this book, I think it’s lucky for the cowboys that I’m tens of thousands of kilometres away!

Tease Me, Cowboy is a novella sized book that introduces us to the Montana Born Rodeo series and Selah and her friends. Selah’s now a journalist in Seattle on a women’s magazine, but she’s come home to Marietta to cover the rodeo for a story and spend some time with her besties. She’s a bit sick of writing about handbags and beauty products and a night with the girls is just what the doctor ordered. The other girls appear to be pretty happy in their relationships, so single Selah is the one out. Discussing regrets, Selah reveals to the group that she wishes she’d slept with her high school boyfriend, Levi. Naturally, Levi chooses that exact moment to walk through the door of the bar which means Selah just has to follow through, doesn’t it? Attempting to reconnect with Levi under the guise of a story, Selah realises that the spark between them has never died. Can she sleep with Levi and move on? Or is that spark about to becoming a roaring flame?

Rachael Johns makes an excellent debut for Tule Publishing and her work translates to the American setting brilliantly – she’s got the slang and setting down pat. The story is an engrossing read and a comfortable length to read in one sitting (because once you meet Levi, you won’t be putting this baby down). The story is a great premise – regrets (we’ve all had a few) and the chance to change things (another thing we’ve always wanted to do) makes me as the reader feel empowered – if Selah can do it, so can I! I also liked that there had been previous sparks between Selah and Levi (ah, first love) which lead to scorching moments. There are also some good teasers for future books – like what is going on with Chelsea? (Selah, you really should have called that girl – something is happening!) The rodeo setting also gives the chance for plenty to happen plot wise – action and romance combined.

I wasn’t too sure about cowboys previously – but now I’m definitely a fan. I’ll be looking forward to reading more in this series (Kiss Me, Cowboy by Melissa McClone and Cherish Me, Cowboy by Alissa Callen are coming soon) now I’m a converted cowgirl!

You can read more about the Montana Born Rodeo series and Montana Born Books from Tule Publishing here.


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