Why it’s been quiet on the Western Front (Robbie’s in town)!

So, this week I had plans for several reviews but like all good plans, nothing ended up coming to fruition! The excuses reasons are numerous – my ankle injury ended up being worse than initially thought (I read an entire book while waiting for scans and results), so I’m lugging a cam boot. Add this to having to take public transport everywhere and I’m getting really tired! While I’ve read some great books recently, some I picked up over the last week weren’t really all that and I’ve fallen into the habit of sitting on the couch reading magazines and surfing the Net. I did manage to get out this week for one very, very important thing though:

Robbie Williams!

I bought tickets way back in February (luckily for a seat given the circumstances) and there was no way I was going to miss the first show of his Australian Swing Live Tour! It was fantastic, and as the advertisement said, had him singing a lot of his swing songs (from Swings Both Ways and Swing When You’re Winning). The evening kicked off with Shine My Shoes and of course, ended with Angels. (The encore was also brilliant, very funky). There was some part sections of hits like Millennium, Come Undone and Candy (which apparently nobody here knows – but it’s great live!). I would have loved to have had a full rendition of Come Undone and Tripping (oh, and Make Me Pure, Bodies, D*ckhead,
16 Tons, Where There’s Muck, Strong…just everything really) but this is a swing tour and probably the best choreographed show Perth has seen for a long time. Even a technical hitch during No-one Likes a Fat Popstar couldn’t dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm (who could resist Robbie giggling when the spectacle didn’t go to plan?). Robbie’s voice was in great form, including a barbershop quartet and worked perfectly with the acoustics of Perth Arena. My only downside to the night was when a woman hit me in the shoulder running to potentially stage dive Robbie during Angels. Fortunately, security intervened and the Robbie and the rest of us were safe.

The interaction Robbie had with the crowd was great too. He said Perth a lot…which at first I thought was a bit trite, but then he was saying things that happened at his last show here (Close Encounters, 2006) so either he remembers or someone reminded him! We got the goss on young Theodora (she prefers Beyonce to Daddy, especially Single Ladies) and that the new lil’ Williams will be a boy. Robbie ‘showbiz married’ a fan (who was from the UK!) and sang happy birthday to a fan whose dad was with her in the front (nice dad, my father told me later he’d never, ever do that with me). A lucky girl also had her pic taken with Robbie while a gentleman near me made Robbie call Angels to a halt. Why? His silver pants of course! I would love to have known the real reason behind them, but alas I was a little too far away to hear him and I couldn’t lip read his answers on the big screen. So, silver trousered man, did you tweet Robbie where you got them from??

It was interesting during intermission that a white anchor appeared on the purple lighted curtain…which caused some initial cheering, but was quickly drowned out by the boos (thank you mighty West Coast Eagles supporters). I don’t think it meant ANYTHING to do with the Fremantle Dockers (Aussie Rules footy team in the finals…at least until tonight) but was part of the introduction to the second half, which had a maritime theme. Aye Aye Captain Robbie!

It was a fun night, complete with streamers, feather boas and world class entertainment. Thanks Robbie and everyone involved for a memorable night. Just don’t wait eight years to come back again!


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