Flowers, books & authors for a wet weekend

So no book reviews from me this weekend. I could talk about something book related, but one day I might run out of those. Plus this week has been quite higgledy-piggledy so I don’t want to try to concentrate my thoughts on one thing. I’m sure my argument will be flawed.

I’ve still got the cam walker/moon boot on my foot. I had hoped two things when I went to my appointment this week: one, that it came off and two, that I could finish Fiona Palmer’s The Sunnyvale Girls while waiting. Somehow, the stars collided and I made in and out much more quickly than the first time! I’d like to say it was my wit and charm, but I think my willingness to take an early appointment just meant there was less of a backlog. So the book is still unfinished and I’m trying to find more shoes in my stash that are the same height as the boot. I am really sick of the three pairs I’m rotating and worried that the right shoe is now going to wear out a lot faster… Due to pain, medication that makes me foggy and drowsy and lugging around a boot, I didn’t finish any books. To add insult, they’re all really great books that deserve my time. Maybe this week…

I also finished up at my current workplace to move to a new site. While I wasn’t the first to move places, it’s still early days. I was truly touched by the lovely things so many people said, not to mention the food! It was so sweet and I hope all my now sadly former colleagues keep having fun and eating lots. Perhaps do some work occasionally too 😉 Thanks for the kind words, flowers, tea and chocolate… you know me too well!

I rounded off the week by going to a library talk with Fiona Palmer and Rachael Johns. Despite the inclement weather, there was a great turnout and the session was very well run. Rachael and Fiona were very entertaining, interesting and funny to listen to. They also both kindly signed my copies of Outback Ghost and The Sunnyvale Girls, so it was worth the walk (you can’t run in a moon boot) to the shop this morning to buy! (Silly me forgot I could have bought them at the talk). I loved Fiona’s story of how she went to Italy to research for The Sunnyvale Girls and I’m already plotting how I can try to convince my boss to fund me for a research trip! I also liked how Rach explained about how much choice she got when it came to book covers – it’s very interesting as a reader, because you think the author always has the final say, but there are lots of other things to think about – branding, linking a series together and making the heroes/heroines look like the book characters. The ladies also signed many books and had photos taken with fans. Thanks for the chat, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here’s a sneaky pic I took with my phone:


As for the rest of the weekend, I’m going to snuggle down with some books (Aussies, Big W is having a book sale until Wednesday 8th October with some wonderful books, including Rachael and Fiona’s new books), a blanket (because it’s cold, windy and I got wet on several occasions this morning) and the rest of the Aussie Rules football Grand Final (Sydney Swans vs Hawthorn Hawks – I tipped Swans, but Hawks are in front at half time).

Have a lovely weekend!




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