Our Kind of Love by Victoria Purman

In brief: The final book in the Boys of Summer coastal romance trilogy. It focuses on the complicated relationship between Lizzie’s brother, Joe and Dr Anna Morelli (who met at Julia and Ry’s wedding).

The good: It’s real and heartfelt, plus there are some lovely surprises for the other couples.

The not-so-good: I’m really going to miss Middle Point.

Why I chose it: Because it’s Victoria Purman, and there are always hot men combined with a ripping story. (Thanks to Harlequin for the eARC.)

Year: 2014

Pages: 352

Publisher: Harlequin MIRA

Setting: South Australia

My rating: 9 out of 10

Some books you just know are going to be great before you’ve got to the end of the first sentence. Our Kind of Love is that kind of book. The final in the Boys of Summer trilogy, this book shows just how much both the book’s characters and the author, Victoria Purman have grown during the series. It was a great read, full of characters with baggage and conflicting goals.

Although the Boys of Summer series is set in the South Australian seaside town of Middle Point (think close to Victor Harbor), one of the main characters, Anna, is city born and bred. Anna is the ex-girlfriend of Dan (who is involved now in a relationship with Lizzie) and friend of Ry. Anna meets Joe, Lizzie’s brother, at the wedding of Ry and Julia. She’s heartbroken and dreading telling her strict Italian family that she’s divorcing her husband for cheating on her. So when things get messy after a drink or two, why not have a night of fun with Joe? The next morning Anna thinks of plenty of good reasons why she should leave. She’s a busy GP with a community waiting for her each day. She’s got things to do; she needs to forget about Middle Point and Joe. But things aren’t that easy – is this a relationship or just fun? Anna’s just seen her happily ever after turn to dust, will she risk that happening again?

I loved the sense of community depicted in Our Kind of Love. So many different types, but all show the love and care for each other. There’s Anna’s family, fierce in their desire to protect Anna and the Adelaide Italian community, watching for their local doc carefully. Finally, there’s the less conventional community of friends – Anna, Joe, Lizzie, Dan, Julia and Ry, who love each other just as strongly as any family. The feeling of friendship and care just beams from the pages.

Anna was a great heroine for me, as she’s bold and feisty but also vulnerable and uncertain. I thought it was great how Victoria Purman revealed Anna’s concerns about her lack of children and letting the family down. It felt very realistic and I loved how Anna dropped an Italian swear word or two when she was frustrated! Plus the Italian food was heavenly… Joe was a hero who had lost his direction career wise and I felt that Anna played a very strong role in him helping to see himself as a worthy individual again. The relationship was more than just sex, but assisting each other to grow as a person and heal after difficult times.

If you’re read the other books in the series, there are plenty of scenes involving the other couples and progression of their lives. In fact, there are some very special moments to look forward to.

I’m going to miss Middle Point and Victoria Purman’s characters, who are as real to me as my own friends. I’ve loved this series which expertly balances romance and friendships in a beautiful setting.

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