Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Lana by Cate Ellink

In brief: The second in the series of short stories about the secret sexy worlds of a group of women. Lana’s pretty ferocious and up for anything. (Read more here).

The good: No holds barred here!

The not-so-good: Some may find this book rather explicit.

Why I chose it: I really like the idea of this series, so I bought this short story.

Year: 2014

Pages: 31

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Setting: Sydney, Australia

My rating: 7 out of 10

If Lana, the second of our Sydney housewives is anything to go by, this series is going to be an incredible eye opener! Lana’s a fierce individual who knows what she wants and exactly how she’s going to get it. Now, that doesn’t sound overly astonishing but add in that she’s older, unmarried and is up for absolutely anything sexually (and probably in any other area of her life) and you’ve got a corker of a heroine!

Lana’s been around the traps for a while and is a successful actress. So much so, that the young men she has her eye on tell her how much their mums like her show! Any other person might be put off, but oh no, not Lana! She takes this and uses it to her ability to get young waiters home with her. And if their mums technically approve of Lana…well, it’s all okay then! Tom, her young waiter, is a good choice – he’s sweet initially, but turns into a real tiger. He’s also part of what is the most surprising sex scene I’ve ever read in a book. It’s very well done by Cate Ellink, not smutty or overly clinical…but wow! Lana, you go girl!

This novella is not for the faint hearted of sex scenes, but it does introduce us to a complex character in Lana. What exactly are her motivators? What fuels her dislike of Meagan (who gets her own story later)? I’m hoping Lana (and Tom please, he’s cute) make an appearance in future stories in this series. This is a short sexy read, but Lana will stay with you much longer.

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