Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives – Jorja by Lexxie Couper

In brief: The latest in the Sydney Housewives series revolves around Jorja and her rugby star partner, Mud. Mud thinks he’ll do anything for Jorja, but can he? (Read more here).

The good: Hot ‘n’ sexy. Mud was a character I didn’t think I’d like, but I did.

The not-so-good: Have to wait now to catch up with the next housewife, Meagan.

Why I chose it: Really enjoying this series. Thanks to Escape Publishing for the eARC.

Year: 2015

Pages: 42 (eARC)

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Setting: A luxurious apartment in Sydney, Australia

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

Jorja is the latest book in the Secret Confessions: Sydney Housewives series and the first for 2015. What a way to bring in the New Year! In this story, we focus on the younger character of Jorja (I think she’s in her mid-twenties) and the life she leads with partner Mud. Mud is a star rugby player and dedicated athlete. He trains almost constantly and is known for his aggression on the field. Sometimes, his desire for Jorja and aggression mix (but not in a bad way). When we meet Jorja, she’s about to lose another pair of sunglasses (Mud throws them over the balcony of their apartment in throes of passion). Mud worries that one day he’ll go too far and accidently hurt Jorja. He’s so big and she’s so delicate. The sex is always full of passion and occasionally rough. One day, Jorja strains some muscles and poor Mud thinks it’s his entire fault. Desperate, he calls someone in who he knows can help Jorja – but can he relinquish his alpha status?

I initially thought this story would be all rough and tumble, but it surprised me and didn’t go in the direction I thought. Things turn incredibly tender towards the end as Mud realises his depth of feelings for Jorja. Jorja in turn, discovers that Mud won’t be going anywhere. It’s a read that starts out sexy, turns into a scorching and settles with a warm, sweet tone. I also enjoyed the inclusion of Meagan, a chef and the protagonist for the next book in the series. Mud is a character much more complex that I’d initially thought (okay, I’d labelled him based on the fact he’s a rugby player and I’m an Aussie Rules footy fan) – the backstory and his actions revealed him to not match any of the stereotypes I’d had in mind. Jorja too is more than a WAG (wives and girlfriend) – she has fears and concerns beyond her sunglasses!

This is a wonderful short, sexy read for a summer’s night- I’m loving this series!

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