Mailbox Monday 26/1/15

Today is Australia Day Down Under, marking the arrival of the First Fleet from England in 1788. There are different thoughts on this subject as to the appropriateness of the date and how the Australian Aboriginal people (who were here way before the British) should be included. But let’s not get too serious here – it’s a holiday, and a day to reflect on what it means to be Australian. Hopefully that won’t involve overdoing it. (Did you know that the Perth, W.A. hospital emergency departments have their busiest day by far on Australia Day?). Take it easy and read a book!

I kept my poor parcel post man busy this week as I’ve been doing a bit of shopping for basics in the stocktake sales. He also brought me some books which has been a nice break from work!

The first was a win from Kylie Scott and ARRA – a signed (!) set of her Stage Dive series – Lick, Lead and Play. (The fourth book, Deep is out in March 2015). Thanks HEAPS ARRA and Kylie! Lick is about waking up in Vegas married to a rock star (surely everyone’s dreamed of that at least once). Lead is about Jimmy, lead singer of Stage Dive and his new assistant Lena, who isn’t going to take any crap from this guy. Play is about drummer Mal, in need of an image change and happy to pay for it. I can’t wait to read this series!

The second bundle was from the lovely people at Simon & Schuster who had me swooning over these gorgeous proofs (yes, proofs!) These are two new releases for 2015 – The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens and Orient by Christopher Bollen. The Mountain Story (out May) is about Wolf, who decides to go up the mountain with the aim of jumping off. But he meets three women, who will change his life as they are lost during stormy weather. Orient (released in April) is set on Long Island as a man appears in the small town of Orient and the peace of the townspeople is shattered. What is the newcomer hiding? What secrets do the people of Orient hold? I’m looking forward to reading these beauties (notice the gorgeous grey edging of the pages).

Do stop in at the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find something you want to read, as well as more great books!

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  1. You are so lucky to win a (signed!) set of the Stage Dive books! I love this series and can’t wait for Deep. Hope you had a great holiday today!

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