Forecast by Jane Tara

In brief: Rowie has a special gift – she can forecast the weather, plus see someone’s future when she kisses them. When New York’s leading meteorologist is injured in a freak weather accident, Rowie takes his spot – and falls in love.

The good: Quirky and sweet.

The not-so-good: Drew, the hero, can be an unlikable idiot at times.

Why I chose it: Enjoy some magical realism on occasions.

Year: 2013

Pages: 306

Publisher: Momentum

Setting: USA

My rating: 7.5 out of 10

I must admit that the cover of Forecast is what attracted me to this book – the cover is kind of mysterious, and doesn’t really explain what the book is about or even which genre it is. It turned out that Forecast is a light, fun romance with some magical elements to it. Why the title of Forecast? Well, it’s because the heroine, Rowie, has the ability to predict the weather. I know, it’s not your usual kind of magical trait, but it draws a crowd outside the family’s home and shop in New York each morning. Rowie is somewhat of a local treasure, but she’s unlucky in love. You could say that it runs in the family – her grandmother still talks to her dead husband and her mother doesn’t know what happened to Rowie’s father. Still, the Shakespeare women maintain a relatively happy life – not exciting, but happy. After a freak weather accident with a tornado, respected and popular meteorologist Drew is incapacitated and Rowie is discovered by the media giving her usual morning weather report. She is then thrust into the spotlight, where she becomes New York’s weather darling. But after a spiteful dare goes wrong, Rowie loses her powers. You see, with one kiss, Rowie can see a man’s future – unless it’s that of her soulmate. And with Drew, Rowie can’t see anything…

It took me a little while to get into this book, because there didn’t seem to be much happening. There was a lot of character establishment, but not a great detail of movement. But I was ultimately rewarded as the pace picks up a lot after Rowie gets her TV forecaster job. Plus, there are many subplots that weave their way through, mainly concerning the happiness of Rowie’s family. The subplot with Jess, a colleague of Drew and Rowie’s, was a little mixed for me – does she deserve punishment for her misdeeds? Or is she simply confused? In the end, everyone got their happily ever after.

The tone of the novel is sweet and warm. It’s an easy read after all the characters are established – they’re predominantly quirky, fun and looking for companionship and love. The scenes in the family shop are genuinely heart-warming – a palm reader who softens the blow and a life saved are just some of the things that go on. Plus, everyone in this book gets their happily ever after – what more could a romance fan want?

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  1. Great review. It’s hard to get into a book when there is that much character development up front. Characters are what drive me to read a book, but I want a lot of great plot to go with them.
    You are right about the cover. I saw it and immediately wanted to know more about the book. Definitely an eye-catcher.

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