Penguin Little Black Classics – a cheap way to indulge bookishly

I do love a good series, don’t you? Although I’m not talking continuing story series here, but pretty books that look like they all belong together on your bookshelf. (And as I have new bookshelves, I need to fill them you know). To celebrate Penguin’s eightieth birthday, they’ve released eighty books, spritely called Little Black Classics. Now every girl has to have a little black dress (or five), so why not indulge in a few?

If you live in the UK, they’re 80 pence. (Don’t mistake this for the page number like I did). If you’re Aussie, they’re $1.99 (so if you buy five, you save five cents)! The eighty titles are a real variety, from super classics (Dante, anyone?) to more modern classics (such as Katherine Mansfield). There are two things that are even better though: some of the stories are lesser known works from your favourite authors (think short stories from a young Jane Austen) and it’s an ideal opportunity to try a new author for half the price of a cup of coffee.

I think these books would do really well as something to stick in your bag for when your phone/ereader battery dies or you finish your book halfway through your commute. They would also be great for when you don’t have a stack of time to read (like lunch break) or to dip in and out time (like exam week for students). I read my first book, Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield
while having a book holiday from my current read. It was a good book, but I really didn’t feel like that genre. Mansfield’s short stories (there are three in this 53 page book) were perfect, intricately crafted and a nice snack away from my main read. I’m going to use them to get into some authors that I should have read by now, like Elizabeth Gaskell and if they don’t work for me, I won’t feel like I’ve spent all my money on a book I didn’t like!

There is a downside though – if you like one of these new authors, you’ll be searching out their works. I have already found the Katherine Mansfield has a couple of beautiful looking Persephone books… There’s also a full set of Little Black Classics you can buy…otherwise, check out the full list of titles here.

Are you a fan of short reads? Classics? Will you partake in the Penguin Little Black Classics?


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