Hachette 2015 Christmas Roadshow (& Mailbox Monday 7/9/15 aka the goodie bag)

Hello! I was planning to bring you the spoils from my Melbourne shopping trip holiday this week, but I’ve decided to put it on the backburner as I went to a Christmas roadshow last week. Yes, Christmas. I was kindly invited to Hachette Australia’s roadshow last week and it was an absolute feast of books. (I won’t make the mistake of eating beforehand though in the future!) Booksellers and little ol’ me were treated to the upcoming books for the festive season. I’d suggest starting to save now, because there are multiple somethings for everyone this year. My handout has got multiple scribblings on it for things for the family (and me of course).

All links will take you to the relevant book where available, so click away!

Cookbooks are going to be big again this year. One of my favourites, Adam Liaw, has a new book out in the middle of September – Asian Cookery School. This looks awesome! For Mum, there’s a new Julie Goodwin book out (Homemade Takeawayout late October) and for the My Kitchen Rules (MKR) fans, there’s the Best of the Best cookbook (late November).

Sports books will focus on soccer, cricket and boxing – not my kind of scene (I speak only Aussie Rules footy). But for Dad, there are Beatles Songs and Conversations with McCartney (both end of September). Whoopi Goldberg has a relationship advice book out mid-October which sounds sensible and hilarious (If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!).

Fiction is my thing, and there are big names out this year. Geraldine Brooks’ The Secret Chord
(6/10/15) is going to be huge. Cathy Kelly has a new book in Between Sisters, about a mother and two daughters (6/10/15). I’d say I’d read this Christmas afternoon, but I’m working so please someone just give it to me before then! Robert Galbraith returns with a package containing a leg in Career of Evil
(20/10/15) and Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins (13/10/15) will delight fans of Cormac McCarthy. David Mitchell also has a short book out, which warps reality and looks scary for a stormy afternoon in Slade House (27/10/15).

For kids and AFOLs like me, there are Lego graphic novels about Ninjago, Bionicle and Friends. There’s also The Night Before Christmas: A Brick Story – no prizes for guessing what the pictures are like!

And of course, there’s the big names – Nicholas Sparks, Ian Rankin, Nora Roberts, Maeve Binchy and Stephen King. There’s also the next big thing after adult colouring – dot to dots and Querkles (these sound cool – like a colour by numbers showing a face). Finally, we were treated to meeting author Natasha Lester, who has her novel out in May next year, A Kiss for Mr Fitzgerald.

And of course, there was a goodie bag. What a gorgeous one it was! We were treated to six books:

Mick Elliott is a Nickelodeon producer, and has written The Turners (May 2016) for kids about Leo Lennox. It’s his thirteenth birthday and he’s grown a tail. In the school library. But that’s just the start of it…

For youngsters, there’s an instalment of Magic Animal Friends by Daisy Meadows – Lucy Longwhiskers Finds a Friend. I think little girls would love this story set in Friendship Forest with cute animals.

I’m really excited by
by Mike Bullen (he created Cold Feet). It’s about relationships, families and the ups and downs of life with a touch of humour (November).

Irѐne by Pierre LeMaitre (translated from the French by Frank Wynne) is about Commandant Camille Verhœven – his life is good until a murderer with a taste for crime novels crosses his path. Who will win this deadly duel?

The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood (January 2016) is about a young girl who goes missing from a family’s holiday home and the aftermath 15 years later. It’s a mystery and sounds excellent.

The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood (April 2016) is about a young boy who visits an old lady. Then one day he disappears…and then his father turns up…

Which of these are you excited about?

What did you receive or purchase this week? Do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find many books for the wish list!


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