Mailbox Monday 2/11/15

Wow, November already! How did that happen?

I didn’t get out for my city book spree last weekend, but I’m planning a local spree before I hit some busy work periods. At least then I have an excuse to read and relax at night! The book gods were very generous to me last week and I did receive some great books.

YOLO Juliet and srsly Hamlet have been converted from the Shakespeare to a serious of texts, emojis & voice memos by Brett Wright and Courtney Carbone respectively. They are so much fun! I think they’re perfect for a first introduction to Shakespeare, or if you’re familiar with the original, you can have a good chuckle (like Juliet telling Romeo to text her when she’s on the balcony, because yelling will wake up her family). Plus, using terms like STFU and 411 in Shakespeare makes me laugh because I know my Lit teacher would have hated it 😉 Thanks to Penguin Random House for the copies (can’t wait to read Macbeth #killingit coming next year as part of the OMG Shakespeare series!)

Local W.A. author Sara Foster has a new book out in February 2016, All That is Lost Between Us
(thanks Simon & Schuster for the ARC – the chocolate are my personal touch). It’s about Georgia, who is 17 and has a secret about to go viral. But it’s not just her who has a secret or is telling lies – it’s the whole family. Can they get over it and help each other, or will the family fall into disarray?

Finally, Friday had a good surprise for me – a new Top Gear book! And on That Bombshell by Richard Porter tells the story of the show from the early days (pre Hammond and May) to the ending of the most successful car show ever. It is something that the Top Gear fan in your life definitely needs – it’s funny and contains important details, like what happened to Top Gear Dog. I may already be past the halfway mark 😉 Thanks Hachette for indulging me.

If you want to check out more exciting bookshelves, do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find many books for the wish list!

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  1. It is a great many years since I read any Shakespeare but I’m sure I would get a chuckle from those books. You never know it may even lead some people to read the originals. I wonder if Shakespeare is still read by people?

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