Guest Post: Georgina Penney, author of Summer Harvest

0Good morning! Today I have the lovely Georgina Penney dropping by Sam Still Reading. Georgina writes wonderful fiction that combines romance and laugh out loud moments in one of my favourite settings, Western Australia. Her characters are always interesting with a touch of the quirky. Tomorrow morning I’ll share my review of Georgina’s latest novel, Summer Harvest but today I’m talking to Georgina about what she misses about Australia. She’s currently living in Scotland and when deep fried cauliflower cheese came up in my inbox, I was intrigued! Welcome Georgina!

Food in Scotland: Deep fried cauliflower cheese

How it really is kind of true. The Scots will deep fry anything!

The fish and chip shop that invented the deep fried Mars Bar is in Stonehaven, only six miles away from where I live. I’ve got to admit I was a little sceptical when first confronted with one (‘rampant snob’ would be a better description) and then I tried it. I think ‘lady moment’ would be the appropriate term. Yum! Since then, I’ve kept an eye out for deep-fried delicacies whenever I’m out and about in the Scottish wilds. It’s almost like being a train spotter. I’m a batter spotter! So far I’ve spotted (and maybe tried, although I’m not admitting anything unless bribed with the aforementioned Mars Bar) deep fried macaroni cheese, cauliflower cheese, haggis, sausage… and almost every vegetable you can imagine. Not to mention the deep fried Cadbury’s Cream Eggs and Snickers Bars. I’ve heard a rumour there is a fish and ship place that does deep fried mussels up the coast. I’m not saying I’d make a dedicated mission but if I was in the area…

What you miss about Australia

The smell! It’s all eucalyptus and dry heat. There’s nothing else like it. The minute I land in Australia I take a deep breath and yep, I’m home.

I also miss the food (are you spotting a trend here?). After scooting around the planet a couple of times now, I can honestly say that Australia has the best food in the world. The variety is amazing, the quality perfect. The ingredients are fresh. From restaurants to home cooking, we Aussies have nailed it. Needless to say I always fill my cheek pouches when I’m back home!

Thank you Georgina! Now I’ve got my eye on deep fried Cadbury Cream Eggs…or maybe some Margaret River fudge or chocolate!

Summer Harvest is now available, so please do go and check it out!

eBook: Amazon AU | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kobo

Paper book: Booktopia | Readings | A & R Bookworld | Dymocks | Book Depository


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  1. I’ve heard of deep fried mars bars. I’m not sure how I would go with one. I have been persuaded to try Mars Bar wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It wasn’t the nicest.
    This book certainly sounds interesting.

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