Monday 29/2/16: In the Mailbox & What I’m Reading

Happy Leap year! (Actually, is that a thing?) I think 2016 being a leap year has caught a few people by surprise – such as the work calendar I have which misses out 31st December and a diary I saw proclaiming 365 days in 2016! It’s an extra day of summer, but hopefully the weather will be quite pleasant. And it’s another day to read!

I received just one book in the mail over the last week, but it’s definitely quality over quality – it’s The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis from Hachette. Now available, it is set in 1763 London. Anne falls in love with Fub, the butcher’s apprentice but her parents are not pleased. They have a much more suitable husband planned for her, but Anne is determined to seek her own happiness no matter the cost. It sounds a little spooky with that last line!

I took advantage of a sale to pick up yet more Top Gear related books. Jeremy Clarkson’s On Cars, Motorworld, Born to be Riled, Driven to Distraction and I Know You Got Soul are all car related, but with Jeremy’s spin on them, so he could plausibly link any subject to them! (Did you know he was once banned from driving Toyotas? Although I would argue that Toyota Corollas – at least the Australian built ones – do have a heart Jezza!) There’s also some travel involved from Australia to Italy, Iceland to Japan. All I need now is The World According to Clarkson volume 5 (How hard can it be? – the title, not the quest) to complete my collection.

The Stig: The Untold Story by Simon du Beaumarche was also on sale. I know it’s going to be silly and entirely fictitious, but I think it will also be a laugh.

If you want to check out more exciting bookshelves, do drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies. Overseen by Vicki (I’d Rather Be at the Beach), Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) and Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit), I’m sure you’ll find many books for the wish list!

It’s Monday! What are you reading? hosted by Book Date and formerly by Book Journey and J Kaye. Click on the pictures to read more about the books.

What I Read Last Week:

What I’m Reading at the Moment:



Up Next:

No idea! I’m hoping to read some of the Baileys Prize longlist, but at the moment I need a crystal ball to work out which ones will be on the list!


8 thoughts on “Monday 29/2/16: In the Mailbox & What I’m Reading

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  1. Hi Sam,

    I have never been able to see the fascination for Jeremy Clarkson and I certainly couldn’t sit and read all his books!

    On the other hand, ‘The Butcher’s Hook’ sounds quite alluring and would make a good diversion as one of my occasional historical fiction reads. The cover art is amazing and I had no idea that a former childrens show host wrote like this!

    ‘Happy Reading’ 🙂


  2. The Butchers Hook has me intrigued. I wonder if ‘the butchers hook’ is involved in Anne achieving happiness, no matter what the cost. I think I may have to read it and find out. Thanks for tempting me.

  3. Like the look of The Doctor Calling, always have a bit of a penchant for medical romances!! Looking forward to hitting Rachael J’s book next.

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