Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero by Harriet Evans (Quick Reads)

In brief: Laura and Nick comes from completely different backgrounds, but now everyone wants to know when they’ll be getting married. But will Laura ever feel she is ‘good enough’ for Nick’s family?

The good: Delightful story and yes, it is a quick read.

The not-so-good: I need to seek out A Hopeless Romantic (this book is somewhat of a sequel).

Why I chose it: The Quick Reads concept intrigued me (although I have seen these books in Australia costing up to $10 AUD. They’re £1 in the UK).

Year: 2014

Pages: 108

Publisher: Harper

Setting: Britain

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

I haven’t read as many of Harriet Evans’ books as I’d like. But spotting this Quick Read in a bookshop for less than AUD $5, I thought I’d give it a go. I think the idea of Quick Reads giving an opportunity to get people into reading for fun is a great idea. The size of the book is perfect to down in one greedy go or over a few days. I read this over during a really busy week and the size was just right for reading a couple of chapters each night before bed. The text size of this book was also a bit larger than useful, which is good for those who prefer large text.

The premise of the book is delightful and would satisfy anyone who is interested in commoners being in relationships with almost-royals of Cleo Bachelor droolworthiness. Nick isn’t a royal, but he’s one of the handsomest bachelors in Britain with a gorgeous Mr Darcy like country estate. He’s smart, kind and funny – and his choice of partner is Laura. Laura isn’t fancy – she shares a flat in an average part of town and has a job. She loves Nick, but his family are another thing all together…does she really belong in this classy world? It’s a little bit P&P, a little bit Kate and William and a whole lot of fun. I didn’t realise this was a sort of sequel to A Hopeless Romantic, but I’m definitely going to seek out that novel now. (Laura and Nick’s past is hinted at during this story, but looking at the synopsis for the novel, I think there will be more than enough to entertain me!)

The story is full of Harriet Evans’ charm – it’s sweet, touching and amusing in places. This would be a perfect introduction to her other, longer novels for someone who enjoys chick lit movies. Nick is 100% the perfect hero, while Laura is clearly more flawed but still an enjoyable character to read about. Nick’s family range from horrendous to well-meaning but ditzy. I did love how each chapter gave the reader a ‘rule’ for dating a romantic hero. They were quite giggle-worthy at times!

I did enjoy this story, it was a relaxing break from longer novels and served to whet my appetite for more of Harriet Evans’ work.


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  1. This sounds quite good. The fact that it is a quick read entices me. I often need something to fill in a day or two. Thanks.

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