Book Tracking: How I’m Going in 2016

2016 has already been a crazy year for the world. This year, I found I’m reading a bit less (more because I’m crazy busy with committees, study and because I’m somehow become the ‘go-to’ party organiser…). On the flip side, I’ve been baking more and trying to exercise regularly (thanks Pokémon Go)! With all the world events, I’ve found I’ve craved happy-ending books more this year. Have you found the same?

I also decided this year to take control of my reading statistics, even though Goodreads calculates them well. I decided to do a spreadsheet based on the one that Book Riot offered and add a few more formulae because… I actually like playing with Excel and statistics. So here’s what I’ve got up to in reading so far this year…

I’ve read 43 books (on track to my Goodreads goal of 80), which is 13466 pages (or about 68 pages a day).

I’ve pretty poor at picking authors who are people of colour, or LGBTBIA, or translated works. Recommendations please!

90.7% of the authors I’ve read have been female.

39.53% of authors have been Australian (and they’re all women).

I still read mainly fiction (88.37%).

ARCs make up 34.88% of my reading. I’ve bought 39.53% of the books I’ve read.

I’m still a paper reader, although I never say no to digital: 62.79% of my reads have been print, while 27.91% are digital.

I don’t mind a series or three…37.21% of my reads have been books in series.

Do you track your reading? I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve gone so far in 2016 (especially the pages read per day).


3 thoughts on “Book Tracking: How I’m Going in 2016

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  1. I also did a similar analysis of my habits for the last year, and also broke my list down via genre which was interesting. I found that I had an almost even split between audiobook, ebook and paper book. It would be interesting to know what your preferred genre has been!

  2. I love how you have done this. It tempts me to do the same. You can often be surprised at what you discover when you analyse things.

  3. I’ve started a spreadsheet for my book inventory but am no where near finished. I’m a spreadsheet (Excel) fan, too, and I like how you’ve outlined this. I might add a sheet to my inventory spreadsheet for the same. I think this is much easier than how I’ve done my end of year reading statistics in the past.

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