Where do you get your books from?

Recently I went to my city’s biggest secondhand book market (an annual events) and it got me thinking, where do people get their reads from?

My very nerdy book tracking system tells me that I’ve bought nearly 40% of my read books this year. I tend to buy mine new (one, because I can afford it at this stage of my life and two, because I just love to be the first to read a book) at a combination of bookstores, department stores and discount retailers. I’ve also since realised that the nearest secondhand book shop to me is about 20 km away (there used to be heaps!).

Some I get courtesy of authors/publishers which is fantastic (parcels containing books are my favourite). Sometimes I win books (possibly because I usually only enter competitions to win books)! Some of my reads come from the library (their search page is high on my favourites) but due to lack of funding it’s pretty difficult to get anything that’s not within the local group. Some are borrowed from family and friends.

Due to the lack of local bookstores, I also buy online. Local retailers such as Readings and Booktopia seem to have magic elves that make the parcel system work faster in cross-country travels. Otherwise, I start looking internationally.

For late night cravings and ‘OMG I’ve bought the second in the series and I need to read the first now’, I’m an eBook fan. I buy Kindle these days because I’ve been burnt too many times by Kobo.

I tend to have a system if I’m looking for a particular book:

  1. Go to local shopping centre (which has NO BOOKSTORE).
  2. Go to next local shopping centre (which does have a bookstore).
  3. Plan a journey to further afield stores.
  4. Look at online retailers (I try to buy local because the shipping is faster).
  5. Look at library.
  6. Look for ebook.

Is it weird that I look for all avenues of physical books first? Do you do the same?

Where do you get your books from?


3 thoughts on “Where do you get your books from?

Add yours

  1. I usually buy mine and like you I like them brand new 🙂 most of my books come from Amazon since the bookstore is too far from where I live, I also tend to go to B&N but theirs are so damn expensive 😨 I definitively prefer Amazon 🙂

  2. Books by Australian authors I usually buy at my local independent bookstore (Readings!) – supporting the Aus publishing industry and local retails etc. Everything else, I buy on Kindle. I like ebooks because they don’t take up any space!

  3. I tend to get my books from various places. I tend to buy my favourite authors books as soon as they come out. Usually from Big W or K Mart as I no longer have any book shops near me. I belong to a Book Club so some come from there, and I’m very fortunate to receive books from a close friend who buys and is given lots. They are near new by the time they get to me.

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