Reading on vacation: More or less?

So I recently just finished two weeks holiday and I read…just under two books. Normally I read 1-2 books a week. You would think that with all this free time and the ability to stay up late reading I would read more. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I know that I played way more Candy Crush than usual, so why wasn’t there time for reading?

My answer this time and for more recent vacations is that I plan a lot of stuff. I go to the accountant, the dentist and do all those sorts of mundane things. This time I went to a conference, which was fun – but it was also 12-16 hour days! I go to baking classes. I walk more. I clean things. Most of the times when I go away, I don’t read much either. I feel I need to get my money’s worth out of the trip! I think the best I’ve done is one and a half books while away (Melbourne, you shut far too early in the middle of winter!) I had planned for a day of reading, like a Readathon but I never got there. Which makes me ask the question, do you read more or less while on your vacation?

These days I only take a Kindle away, but it’s kind of pointless because I won’t read that much…plus I buy books anyway. (Holiday books are special).

Do you tend to read particular genres while you’re on holidays? Like do you need to read about Japan while in Japan? I have a tendency to read all the local newspapers I can get a hold of when I’m away, plus all the tourist brochures.

If I’m at home, I plan to read chunksters or heavier books, but that never happens. I usually end up reading something light and fun. I’ll save the heavy, addictive reads for when I’m back at work.

Feel free to share your holiday reading habits below!


4 thoughts on “Reading on vacation: More or less?

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  1. It depends what sort of holiday I’m having as to how much I read. If it is a holiday sitting by the beach, I will read a lot. If it is a touring holiday I will be busy during the day but may read at night. If I travel somewhere by plane I probably won’t do much reading as I will be busy sight seeing.
    As you mentioned, sometimes holidays are too busy to read.

  2. Okay try again….

    I currently read on the way to work and on the way back again, so I am a commuter reader, I also sometimes read on my lunch break etc, but you get the idea.

    When we went on holiday this year, I read to “waste” time when waiting for the plane home (we have a LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG wait) I also read on the beach when we went on the beach but that wasn’t like loads of the time. Plus I am not a person who just sits on a sun bed all day, I bore quickly. So even though we were on a cruise I didn’t “choice” to read. I am sure I might of had a better tan if I have lied on a sun bed for two weeks, but I guess when you have two kids that isn’t exactly very easy to do. I also didn’t really read properly if you get me not how I read when I am on my way to work etc.

  3. Depends on the holiday because if I’m at the beach or by the pool, I get a lot of reading done! PLus, when on holiday I don’t usually watch tv at night, just read.

  4. Like the other commenters, it depends what kind of vacation I’m on. If I’m going home for two weeks I’ll probably get a ton of reading done, as the jet lag is brutal and reading is perfect for the wee hours. Otherwise I tend to read only around the edges – I want my money’s worth when I go someplace new, too! 🙂

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