Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 9/1/17

I guess we could say we’re in the middle of summer now in Australia – the weather is certainly telling us so! It’s gone from nice to stinking hot to nice again in the space of a week. So first of all, I’d like to say thank you to my postie who returned from holidays to deliver the first three books here, all on the same day (totally worth it). I’ve also included three more of my Christmas books – there’s more to come, plus birthday books!

The top three books are absolute corkers from Hachette – thank you! Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell is set in the seaside town of St Carys, but the people who live there are very good at keeping secrets, especially about love. What happens when the truth reveals itself?

New York Nights by C.J. Duggan (out February) is the second book in the Heart of the City series. Sarah’s an Aussie living in New York as an au pair; her charge Grace is a cutie, but her father is secret and distant. Sarah will care for Grace as best as she can, while facing the challenges set by the highly complex Ben Worthington. I loved Paris Lights, so can’t wait to read this next!

The last book is a proof of Natasha Lester’s new novel, Her Mother’s Secret. A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald was one of my favourite books of 2016, so this is another book that I can’t wait to put my nose into! Out April, it’s set in the 1920s and 1940s and involves cosmetics (i.e. my crack). Leonora makes cosmetics in her father’s pharmacy until tragedy strikes, and she moves to New York to make her dreams come true. Years later, Everett Forsyth’s daughter receives an invitation to star in a set of advertisements for cosmetics – but why are her parents against it?

The last three books were Christmas presents. The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley is a historical fiction novel of real life artist, Elizabeth Gould (wife of John Gould). She’s not just an artist, but a wife, mother, lover and adventurer in discovering Australia’s birdlife. The end pages of this gorgeous hardcover have Elizabeth’s bird prints.

Miss You by Kate Eberlen is a book I saw popping up on several ‘best of 2016’ lists. The blurb reminds me a little of One Day (in a good way, I adored that book) as Tess and Gus meet in Florence one day before they are both due back home in England. Over the next 16 years, they are separated by different challenges – will they ever meet properly?

Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory continues the Tudor series, focusing on Katherine of Aragon, Margaret and Mary – queens of England, Scotland and France. They are set against each other in the greatest of ways, involving war, marriage, love and loss.

If you want to look at other books received, do visit the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies.

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  1. Ever since I started obsessing over The Crown on Netflix, I’ve been wanting to read more about the royals, and Phillipa Gregory looks like a good place to start. I did get a book about Victoria, by Kate Williams (after I wrote my Weekly Updates), which I’m looking forward to.

    Enjoy! Here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  2. You certainly have a wide selection of books there. I’ve just finished Outback Cop and I loved it. It’s all about the life of the local policeman in Birdsville, which is very much in the outback of Australia.

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