The Reading Group: December by Della Parker

In brief: A short story introducing The Reading Group, a monthly novella about a group of women.

The good: Interesting concept.

The not-so-good: Very short!

Why I chose it: Liked the sound of the series and the first story was free.

Year: 2016

Pages: 17

Publisher: Quercus

Setting: England

My rating: 7 out of 10

I read about The Reading Group series on social media and thought it sounded interesting, so when the first instalment was free on Kindle, I grabbed it. It was my own stupidity not to realise that a short story is just that and of course, I read it quickly and it was all nicely tied up at the end.

The story serves to introduce us to the women who make up the reading group – Grace, Jojo, Serena, Kate and Anne-Marie. The story focuses on Grace, who is not having a merry festive season. She and her husband are behind on the rent and one of their sons may have a recurrence of cancer. She doesn’t want to share her worries with the group, but knowing her, they suspect something is up and question her. When the truth comes out, of course they want to help and do, each in their own way.

It’s a nice introduction, but everything was wrapped up a little too quickly for me. I liked that things had a happy ending but I’d also be more tempted to read on if there was more of a cliff-hanger. Grace’s problems seem to be sorted, and there are a couple of grumblings of other characters not living a perfect life. A new novella will be released every month for the reading group dealing with that month’s book. (December’s was A Christmas Carol and there are shades of that in Grace’s problems). The first four are now available on Amazon. Will I read them? I think I’ll wait until the whole series is available so I can devour it in one go. It’s a light and easy read and I’m a sucker for books involving books.

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  1. This sounds interesting. However I dislike it when you get all involved and then the book or novella finishes. I can see your reasoning behind waiting until they are all available.

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