Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 6/2/17

Last week was pretty busy and I didn’t as much reading as I would of liked (turned off and played Candy Crush Soda – do not start playing that game!). Now I have a busy week coming up and I’ll probably want to read more than my schedule allows…

I spent some birthday vouchers at Dymocks and also received one book in the mail this week:

Spindrift by Tamara McKinley (out March) is a historical fiction novel set between Tasmania and the Isle of Skye. Christy’s past is complex and on her return to Skye her daughter and granddaughter will be part of unearthing the memories. I’m really looking forward to this, thanks Hachette! Tamara also writes novels under the name Ellie Dean, which are set in World War II England (i.e. my crack). If you use iBooks Australia, Tamara’s novel Lands Beyond the Sea is free this week.

My purchases were highly influenced by social media and blog raves:

The Wangs vs The World by Jade Chang is set during the GFC and Charles has one last plot to try to get some cash – claiming his ancestral lands in China. But first, there’s a road trip across America to collect his family, a disparate group of characters with their own suspicions.

4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster sounds like a fascinating plot – Archibald Ferguson is born in 1947, but his life will take on four simultaneous and independent paths. How will each boy take on mid-century America?

I’m not normally a person for short stories, but I’ve come back to look at A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin again and again. The stories are rich in their description of life, emotions and making the everyday sparkle. (Plus, that cover!)

If you want to look at other books received, do visit the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies.

It’s Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Book Date. Click on the pictures to read more about the books.

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13 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading 6/2/17

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  1. It’s so good to see a new Tamara McKinley book on it’s way, thanks for posting. I will be putting that one straight on my TBR list! I have a copy of Heart of the Sky, I’m looking forward to reading it, I do enjoy Fiona McArthur’s writing.
    Have a great reading week!
    Amanda @ Mrs B’s Book Reviews

  2. I’ve just started reading Heart of the Sky. It’s my kind of book, a little mystery, some romance and the outback. I’ll look forward to your review.

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