Reading in 2017: (almost) the hallway point

As I was drinking my tea this morning wrapped in a jumper and actually wearing shoes on my feet, I realised that it’s winter. Which means that it’s about time to look at my reading for this year.

How am I going? I know that’s only a question that I can (and should) answer. Reading is not a race, nor a number. It’s for pleasure. I can say I’ve had a pretty good year so far. I feel that I’m reading more and I’m reading more of what I want to read rather than being dictated by others, trends or the pressure to read a certain book. (I used to hate prescribed reads at school with a passion – making me reading something when I don’t feel like it is torture).

I’m also a bit of a stats nerd so I like to keep track of what I’m reading. Over the past couple of years, I’ve gone further than the Goodreads challenge and made a spreadsheet. This was initially based on one from Book Riot, but this year I’ve added some additional statistics on things I’d like to know.

So here’s where I’m at:

I’m happy with that as I’m studying again this year and am on more committees than I dare to count (but they are all really cool). Plus, there’s that PokemonGO walking addiction and the love of baking!

That’s 12082 pages, with an average of 336 pages per book. I’ve read 4 books (11.1%) with more than 450 pages and there are more I’d like to get to (hello Ken Follett and Penny Vincenzi, I’m sure you can help with that!)

My best reading month was January, which is not surprising because of long, hot summer nights and a load of public holidays. Plus, with birthday and Christmas books, there are always plenty of great reads to choose from. May was my worst month – maybe it was the lack of public holidays, or that something always seemed to be happening.

I’m reading about 75 pages a day on average, but it’s likely to be more on the weekends and less during the week in reality. I’m looking forward to weekends where I can sit for an hour and read, read, read. Winter seems like such a better time to do this.

Most of my books have been by women this year (97.2%) with 55.6% of them being Australian. UK based women writers come in second. 13.89% of my reading has been by authors of colour.

For the latter half of 2017, I’d like to read more translated books and non-fiction. However, the main wish is to keep loving what I’m reading.

And finally, here are five reads that have stayed with me this year. Click on the cover to be taken to my review.


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  1. I’m quite fascinated by your statistical breakdown of the books you have read. I’d love to try something similar but possibly be too lazy to keep it up. It’s a totally different view of the books you have read.

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