Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 17/7/17

It’s been a good week for reading. Maybe it’s because I’m in the lead up to a holiday, maybe it’s because meetings and study are in a kind of a lull. I’m not complaining (even though it looks like rain all week)! I bought a few books this week and I got a few in the mail. Here they are:

The Twentieth Man by Tony Jones is set in 1970s Australia after two terrorist bombings have occurred in Sydney. ABC journalist Anna has been investigating the Ustasha movement and she knows who is responsible for this. When the prime minister of Yugoslavia arrives in Australia, there’s going to be a big struggle… Thanks to Allen & Unwin for this book, I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading Tony Jones as much as I like watching him on television.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club by Sophie Green was a surprise from Hachette. This too is set in 1970s Australia, but in the outback on Fairvale station. Sylvia is trying to cope with a number of changes – the departure of her son, a new daughter in law and a friend moving away. To try to keep the friendship alive and grow new ones, she starts a book club.

Aussie Aussie Aussie by Ben Pobjie was from Affirm Press. This is a very funny look at the histories of great Australians (some I’ve heard of, some I haven’t). It is hilarious. I’ve read the chapter on Malcolm Turnbull and I love it!

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan probably needs no introduction, but it’s the third book in the Crazy Rich Asians series. Nick Young’s grandmother is dying and the entire family descend on her estate to find out who will inherit. There are a million characters and an equal number of exotic locales – a really fun read.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay I bought because I wholly support Roxane and I’m disgusted at the way she was treated by a media outlet here. I’m tracking down all her books, one by one (Hunger seems particularly elusive – sold out everywhere I’ve been!). I think I will enjoy this collection of essays on gender, politics, race and others.

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry I bought for two reasons – I love the cover (it sparkles) and I’ll read anything that gets listed on the Women’s Prize for Fiction. This is set in 1893 London as Cora searches for the mythical Essex serpent but collides with minister William whose way of thinking is very different to hers.

If you want to look at other books received this week across the globe, do visit the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies.

It’s Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Book Date. Click on the pictures to read more about the books.

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10 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 17/7/17

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  1. I have been having a bit of a lull with meetings too – everyone seems to be off on holiday – it’s lovely. I want to read Bad Feminist but haven’t bought a copy yet…it seems to be everywhere I look.

  2. I want to read all the books you have written about this week as they all sound very interesting. I totally agree with your comments about Roxane Gay and the way she was treated.

  3. So glad you had a good reading week. I just really noticed your quote: “Read whatever, whenever, however.” That fits me to a tee! You had a good book haul this week. Hope you enjoy Happy Reading!

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