Reading in 2017 by the numbers

2017 was the second year that I’ve done a reading log separate to what you see in Goodreads and the like. According to my log, I read 82 books and DNF’d 2 (much better than last year). That’s up from 2016’s total of 75. My best reading month was July (hello holidays) and worst in November (too much time on the internet and rediscovering evening exercise).

Here are my stats:

I’m pretty pleased with this!

While I did well reading female and Australian authors, I clearly have work to do in increasing my diversity. Any recs (especially Aussie writers)?

These genres are all determined by me and I’m pretty pleased by them. I think I should make an effort to actually finish more non-fiction books in 2018 though.

I did not read an eBook last year. Maybe it’s because my Kindle is always flat when I go to it, or that a paper book is better at reminding me to read it.

The shortest book I read was Language by Xiaolu Guo (90 pages) and the longest was The Last Hours by Minette Walters. (Both great reads). The average book was 335 pages with a rating of 8.5 out of 10.

So in summary, it was a very good year. How was your 2017 in books?

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  1. This is quite fascinating. It is a lovely way to review your year of reading. Do cookbooks count as non fiction?

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