REVIEW: Cockatoo (with BirdLife Australia)

In brief: A combination of short facts about the cockatoo family of birds combined with art.

The good: Interesting facts and some great artistic work.

The not-so-good: Really fast to read!

Why I chose it: Christmas present

Year: 2017

Pages: 124

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Rating: 7 out of 10

I was given a copy of Cockatoo as a Christmas present, as it’s pretty well known that I’m a big fan of birds. I have a cockatiel (smallest member of the cockatoo family) and I’m always fascinated at the way he interprets things. Living in Australia, I also see other cockatoos (mainly galahs, corellas and black cockatoos) fairly frequently.

This book combines short facts (one to two sentences per page) with art of cockatoos. It’s not a book I’d normally buy myself, preferring photographs to pictures. It was interesting to look at the different media used to produce the pictures of the cockatoos (there were some great digital pictures). Some of the pictures were also quite funny, like a cockatoo listening to an iPod or wearing a hat. Being a dedicated cockatoo fan, I knew some of the facts already (like most cockatoos being left footed). There were some that I didn’t know (like galahs can fly at 70 km/hr). I don’t think my cockatiel appreciated me trying to measure him to see if he matched the 32 cm listed in the book.

The book was a quick read and would be good for mid primary school age children to learn more about birds, or as a good souvenir for visitors to Australia.

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  1. I’m glad that you learned a fact or two from this book. Some of the Australian birds are so very colourful and make the weirdest sounds. I particularly like the sound of the Gang Gang.

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