Mills & Boon DARE is here to entice you!

I don’t think it is a secret (nor do I want it to be!) that I enjoy the odd category romance or three. You might know these as Mills & Boon or Harlequin books. But did you know that these books are also written by some fantastic authors? You’ve seen the fantastic McKinnels of Jewell Rock series by Rachael Johns reviewed on the blog (A Dog and a Diamond/It’s Not You, It’s Her and Pregnant by Mr Wrong; to be followed by The Single Dad’s Family Recipe next week) Fiona McArthur also writes medical romance that combines love and laughter (The Prince Who Charmed Her has a hilarious scene which involves an allergy at a very embarrassing time!). Both these authors also write in other genres – they are stars at whatever they turn their hand to.

Mills & Boon (Australia’s number one romance publisher) recently got in touch with me to share some information about their new look and new line, DARE. This is Mills & Boon’s first major rebrand in over a decade and is set to seduce a new generation of romance fans with its latest line of novels, Mills & Boon DARE.

Throwing the romance rule book out the window, the new range is Mills & Boon’s most explicit series yet, filled with intriguing love interests, steamy sexual encounters and riveting storylines. Launching in February (i.e. right now!), the range features strong female leads, in control of their own destiny, and not reliant on a man to complete them. After all, not everyone’s happily ever after involves a wedding.

I’m excited about this! I like that Mills & Boon have recognised that life isn’t love, marriage, baby, repeat. Women are strong and can excel at whatever they turn their hand to – we don’t need a man to make us whole, we’re whole to start with! But it can be a lot of fun. There are also some great Australian authors, such as Clare Connelly, who writes for DARE. Her book Off Limits is out now.

Check out the blurb for Off Limits:

‘I want to taste you tonight.’ With chemistry this hot, it’s worth getting burned…

Billionaire Jack Grant is totally off-limits to Gemma Picton. He’s wild, deliciously dangerous…and her boss. When working late turns X-rated, it’s better than her wildest imaginings — and Gemma’s imagined a lot! But Jack has major emotional baggage, so when she starts wanting to heal his heart as well as enjoy his body, she knows she’s in big trouble…

Looking for more? Check out Off Limits on iBooks:

For more information and to read extracts go to You’re sure to find a great read, ranging from sweet to saucy!

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  1. The new Mills & Boon Dare books sound an interesting read. I will make sure I keep a look out for them and read those that grab my interest. I loved the Rachael John’s ones.

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