REVIEW: The Killers by Laura Dozier

In brief: The story of Las Vegas rock band The Killers in pictures and text and their rise to fame with their first album.

The good: Lots of Hot Fuss era pics.

The not-so-good: It’s pretty dated, given the band are now working on LP6.

Why I chose it: I love The Killers.

Year: 2005

Pages: 128

Publisher: Artnik

Rating: 7 out of 10

Back in the mid-2000s, it seems we didn’t rely on the internet as much for information. Hence the need for books like this that give you the goss in print form. (Come to think of it, we were probably on dialup internet so gathering the information would have taken weeks). The other likely reason for this book was the phenomenal success of The Killers with their first album, Hot Fuss. Why not cash in on the trend?

Yes, I’m being cynical. I probably shouldn’t be given that I didn’t pay very much for the second-hand copy of this book and it has some pictures of the band that I haven’t seen before. To the fan reading this in 2019, it doesn’t really tell you a lot that you haven’t heard before and it’s easy to spot the discrepancies. One of the unintentionally amusing highlights were the predictions for the band’s second album – all completely wrong. But if you were reading this in 2005, you would probably lap it right up and buy a second copy to make into posters.

The book is predominantly pictures with the history of the band and each of the members told. It then charts the band’s history from Vegas bars to stardom. (A couple of times I thought some things were out of order but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered to look it up). There are some great quotes, such as Brandon declaring he wanted to play the Phantom of the Opera before he’s thirty. (Still waiting, Brandiva!) The section on Mark also had some information that I hadn’t heard/read before. The book also touches on the controversy of the song, ‘Where is She?’ (which is reported to definitely be on the second album) and the fight with fellow Island Record signee The Bravery.

Overall, this book would have been a cool, fun read back in 2005. Now, it’s not an essential book for the average fan. Hardcore fans may want this to complete their collection. (It’s out of print, so you will need to hunt down a copy). For a very detailed look at the history of The Killers, I recommend Days & Ages by Mark Beaumont.

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