Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 12/8/19

Happy Monday! The big news in Australia is that it’s been snowing in some areas – even at the football! While it’s not that cold here, I think the weather will take a turn for the worse this week. Fortunately, the postie delivered some great books and I took the opportunity to buy some (especially as it was Love Your Bookshop Day on Saturday).

Going Under by Sonia Henry (released 3rd September, RRP $29.99) arrived from Allen & Unwin. I’m really looking forward to read this novel about life as a junior doctor. As Kitty deals with trying to save lives without losing her identity, she discovers things she never thought possible in medical school and learns about herself.

The Unforgiving City by Maggie Joel (also released 3rd September, RRP $29.99) came from Allen & Unwin too. Maggie Joel is one of my go to authors for excellent historical fiction and in this novel, she takes the reader to Sydney in 1899. The city is fills with divisions as Federation comes closer but in the Dunlevy house, Alasdair, his wife Eleanor and maid Alice have their own issues to deal with. Their choices will have long lasting effects…

The Dark Side by Danielle Steel (available 10th September, RRP $29.99) arrived from Pan Macmillan. Zoe’s childhood was overshadowed by her younger sister’s illness and her parents’ divorce. As an adult, she sets the bar high for herself to help others. As a mother, the ghosts of the past will haunt her…

Mad As Hell and Back by Shaun Micallef and Gary McCaffrie is a book I hunted through multiple shops for to get as early as possible. It’s a collection of their sketches from comedy and satirical shows (e.g. Full Frontal, The Micallef P(r)ogram(me), Mad as Hell). Flicking through, it contains gems like Cockburn and Pharmacy as well as characters like Lois Price and Draymella Burt.

Losing the Plot by Elizabeth Coleman looked like a funny read, so I brought it home with me. Vanessa isn’t having a fun time – her husband has left her and the romance novel she has written has been plagiarised. Reluctantly, she decides to sue using suburban solicitor Dave’s expertise, but when QC Marcus joins the team…well, it’s like her hero just walked off the page. But as things heat up and Vanessa realises some truths about them both, could she have left her run too late?

If you want to look at other books received this week across the globe, drop by the Mailbox Monday blog for links to everyone’s mailbox goodies.

It’s Monday! What are you reading? is hosted by Book Date. Click on the pictures to read more about the books.

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