Top Reads for 2019

I simply cannot list my best reads for 2019 until the end of the year. What if I finish a really great book on December 29? (Plus, today is my birthday so I can do anything I want). Traditionally, I try to cull my list to ten but then I remembered that this is my blog, my way. So this year I’ve done some themes to showcase my favourite reads. Because if you have a great reading year, why choose an arbitrary 10 books?

All books have been listed in the order that I read them. Click on the title below the picture to read my review.

Top Australian Fiction

Top Non Fiction

Top International Fiction

Looking back, having a yellow cover seems to have been a strong starting point for a great book.

Do I dare do a books of the decade, seeing as Sam Still Reading will turn 10 in 2020?


5 thoughts on “Top Reads for 2019

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  1. So many good books! I have about 4 of these on my TBR now … I think I’m most looking forward to the Graeme Simsion and Taylor Jenkins Reid. Happy reading!

  2. Happy Birthday. I wonder if you received any books for your birthday? I would find it very hard to select my favourite books for the year. I have read and loved some of your selection.

  3. I am still working on my 2019 top reads post. I don’t think I have read any of your top choices. I’ll have to look again more closely.
    (Please check your MM post as it won’t open – thanks.)

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