REVIEW: Trump’s America by Scott Dikkers

In brief: All you need to know about Donald Trump’s presidency in satire.

The good: Some parts are quite amusing.

The not-so-good: Other parts came true.

Why I chose it: I like dry humour.

Year: 2017

Pages: 164

Publisher: Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster)

Setting: America

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

I started reading Trump’s America some time ago before the U.S. Election. It wasn’t the best time to read it then with everything in the book being so close to the truth. During the election and its aftermath wasn’t the best time either (especially with the ideas for Trump’s post-presidency plans). Now that American politics isn’t in the news all the time, I thought now might be a good time to finish it. Probably a better time would have been just after Trump was elected.

The book is well designed, with lots of ‘fake news’ articles, lists and satire on every part of the presidency from science to health and the environment. To me, it wasn’t always funny but then I have a really dry, Australian sense of humour plus I don’t always understand the American references. It’s also a book best read in short bursts, not really one you could read cover to cover as the jokes get a bit old. Maybe it would have been funnier during the event or when this is old history, maybe it would have been funnier without a pandemic involved. But definitely a book for those who enjoy alternative facts.

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