REVIEW: On Politics and Stuff by Mark Humphreys and Evan Williams

In brief: The definitive guide to Australian politics and what makes it a great platform for satire.

The good: Absolutely hilarious.

The not-so-good: Don’t read and eat/drink. You have been warned.

Why I chose it: I enjoy their sketches on the ABC’s 7:30. Thank you to Hachette for the copy.

Year: 2021

Pages: 97

Publisher: Hachette

Setting: Australia

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Australian politics has always been a subject ripe for humour, particularly in recent times. Mark Humphreys and Evan Williams are the satirists on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 7:30 programme who sum up recent events in hilarious fashion. Some have even gone viral, such as the Greta Thunberg Helpline sketch. The pair have now turned their talents to the latest edition in Hachette’s ‘On’ series, which is on politics (and stuff).

This is definitely not a dry tome. (Nor is it sticky as the back cover proclaimed – I think something is wrong with my copy guys…!) Although it is pocket size and would be great to read on public transport, I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? It’s absolutely bloody hilarious and not only are you likely to double over laughing, you will probably spread germs as you cry and snort with laughter. The authors take us through Australia’s politics from why Canberra, the political parties and our recent prime ministers (there’s a few). If you are a follower of recent politics, you’ll notice many controversies (onions!) and memorable moments (how not to eat a sausage in a bun). Voting and the various ministerial positions are also covered, including the famous democracy sausages. (Yes, sausages are a big thing in Australian politics and storms over onions do occur on regular occasions). It’s witty, smart and much more interesting than politics itself.

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