REVIEW: The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory

In brief: Maddie and Theo both have the same best friend (Alexa), and they both hate each other. Until they don’t. But there’s no way Alexa is ever going to find out…

The good: Lots of fun, with lots of pizza.

The not-so-good: What do you mean, I’m halfway through the series?

Why I chose it: Enjoying The Wedding Date series.

Year: 2019          

Pages: 337

Publisher: Headline Eternal (Hachette)

Setting: Berkeley, California

Rating: 9 out of 10

Sometimes these days, I want straight up entertainment in a book. I don’t want to have to read every sentence three times to understand it. For Jasmine Guillory’s novels, I read sentences multiple times because I like them. Her novels entertain and have strong issues, but still maintain an upbeat feel.

The Wedding Party is the third in The Wedding Date series. Yes, they are more fun to read in order, but you can read them out of order and the world (probably) won’t explode. The main characters, Maddie and Theo, are linked to Alexa from The Wedding Date – they are her best friends. In this novel, it’s the lead up to Alexa and Drew’s wedding and both are in the wedding party. The major problem is that they hate each other. The story starts will some scenes that have been described in The Wedding Date, but this time it’s from Maddie and Theo’s points of view. What the reader didn’t know is that even though the pair hate each other, they’ve made a couple of mistakes behind the scenes. Like kissing each other, like sex. Maddie and Theo swear it will be over once the wedding is finished, but as the time gets closer they realise that they’ve become friends and more. It’s a fun story, interspersed with some serious issues of relationships and how we present ourselves to others, but these only add to the story.

Guillory’s novels each seem to have a trademark food, and The Wedding Party has pizza. Loads of pizza, particularly with roasted garlic. I love that I can enjoy the character’s foods calorie-free in this series, from tacos to cupcakes to doughnuts. I look forward to the food descriptions almost as such as the witty dialogue and the sparks between the characters. Theo has always seemed to live for work before this novel, but the story gives him a heart and a life. (Plus, there is the introduction of his total-opposite brother Ben, who likes to walk on the wild side. I look forward to catching up with him in While We Were Dating). Maddie’s vulnerabilities are also revealed underneath her tough exterior, and the reasons why she may have come across as harsh previously. Both are great characters, flawed with traits that are all too relatable. The story has many funny moments, particularly when the other characters reveal just how well Maddie and Theo were hiding their attraction. It’s a hilarious and original opening to a wedding day.

You can’t go wrong with Jasmine Guillory’s novels for happy entertainment. Fun, sweet and sexy, they are the perfect light read.

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