REVIEW: Go as a River by Shelley Read

In brief: Victoria’s life is changed after meeting a stranger on the street of a small town. What she does next will be guided by his parting words, ‘go as a river’. The good: Well written and captivating story. The not-so-good: I read this over the course of a weekend! Why I chose it: Thanks... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Seoulmates by Susan Lee

In brief: Hannah has always dissed her Korean heritage. After she gets dumped for not being into K-pop and dramas, her summer looks a lot different. Then former friend and K-drama superstar Jacob comes to stay… The good: Good fun. The not-so-good: Not really much in the way of subplots. Why I chose it: Christina... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Maame by Jessica George

In brief: Maddie is always there for her family – and they don’t return the favour. When Maddie spreads her wings, tragedy strikes. Can Maddie become her own person? The good: Sad, funny and well written. The not-so-good: I just wanted to keep reading and reading… Why I chose it: Sounded like an interesting read.... Continue Reading →

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