REVIEW: The Grand Tour A-Z of the Car

In brief: Short bits about nearly every part and brand related to cars. Potentially factual. The good: It was funny and I learned things! The not-so-good: More involvement from Mr Clarkson, Hammond and May please. Why I chose it: Love The Grand Tour even though my internet is so slow I can only watch one... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Uncollected Plays of Shaun Micallef

In brief: Plays written by the greatest man who ever played a character called Nobby Doldrums, Shaun Micallef. The good: Pure Micallef genius – surreal and satirical. The not-so-good: Somebody didn't know the difference between 'discreet' and 'discrete' a few times (unless that joke went over my head) Why I chose it: Because Shaun Micallef... Continue Reading →

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