REVIEW: Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-time Husband by Barbara Toner

In brief: In a small Australian country town, four women are struggling post World War I. What they need is a part-time husband! The good: Interesting premise. The not-so-good: I found it difficult to separate the female characters in my head. Why I chose it: Sounded interesting, thanks to Penguin Australia for the copy. Year:... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

In brief: The true story of Lale, who was imprisoned in Auschwitz. He is the prisoner who tattoos the numbers on new arrivals, but one day he also falls in love… The good: It's a beautiful, but harrowing, story of loss and hope. The not-so-good: That these atrocities really did happen. Why I chose it:... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deep by Kylie Scott

In brief: Lizzy has always had a thing for Stage Dive's bass player Ben. But a night in Vegas leaves her pregnant and even more confused. Ben's not one to be tied down so Lizzy will manage the best she can, alone… The good: It's Stage Dive plus we get to see more of the... Continue Reading →

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