REVIEW: Superbugs by Matt McCarthy

In brief: A story about a trial of a new antibiotic in the age of antimicrobial resistance, the people who need it and Matt McCarthy’s first trial as the lead investigator. The good: Incredibly interesting with a good mix of the scientific and human aspects. The not-so-good: I might have ‘cheated’ and looked up the... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Doctor Who Fooled the World by Brian Deer

In brief: The story of Andrew Wakefield, who published a study linking the MMR vaccine and autism (which was later proven to be false) by the journalist who exposed the truth. The good: Very detailed yet easy to read story of the events. The not-so-good: Sometimes Deer seems a bit jaded by the medical profession.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Shelf by Helly Acton

In brief: Amy is lagging in ticking off life goals compared to her friends. So when her boyfriend plans a special vacation, it means Something. Except that Something means she’s dumped on TV and now a part of reality show, The Shelf. The good: It captures the fun that is a brand-new reality show where... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Sister’s Gift by Barbara Hannay

In brief: Freya has lost everything. When her niece invites her to help run the family restaurant on Magnetic Island, Freya’s sister is suspicious that Freya will reveal the family’s biggest and most generous secret. The good: Magnetic Island sounds beautiful. The not-so-good: The ends tie up a little too neatly and quickly for me.... Continue Reading →

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