More Bridgerton to binge on – the whole eight book series

So, you want more Bridgerton after bingeing on season 2? More stories like Anthony and Kate, Daphne and Simon? Fortunately, readers don’t have to wait as all eight siblings have their story in book form thanks to Julia Quinn’s amazing mind and writing skills. Click on each title to read my review for more detail.... Continue Reading →

Penguin Little Black Classics – a cheap way to indulge bookishly

I do love a good series, don't you? Although I'm not talking continuing story series here, but pretty books that look like they all belong together on your bookshelf. (And as I have new bookshelves, I need to fill them you know). To celebrate Penguin's eightieth birthday, they've released eighty books, spritely called Little Black... Continue Reading →

Book Series #1: Popular Penguins

Ah, Popular Penguins. Possibly one of the first 'series' linked by pretty covers and publishers to be seen recently in Australia. These were first released in 2009, celebrating the history of Penguin and the cool retro orange covers. They also had a unique selling point - $9.95 AU. This was the first time that many... Continue Reading →

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