Overcommitted? No, I just like to read!

I thought I would take a couple of pictures of what I have on my reading pile at the moment. I used to be a one or two book girl, but my tastes have expanded and my standard 'currently-reading' list contains: A fiction book A non-fiction or classic book A magazine This is a picture... Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to recently…

Apologies for my absence this week. I've had problems with my ISP, which meant I was without internet. In addition, 3G coverage seems to be very poor (and 4G non-existent) wherever I go! This made life difficult, as the train station was the only place I could get internet! Then uni started and I can... Continue Reading →

February in a Nutshell

Well, I didn't get as many books read this month as I did in January. It's a shorter month with no public holidays plus I read some books that demanded more attention. My result was four books, all of which I enjoyed. The winner would have to be Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courtenay - simply... Continue Reading →

Recent Purchases

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. I've been a little lax on the posts lately, mainly because of a short business trip to Melbourne.  I didn't have much time for shopping or photographs but Melbourne is as lovely as always. I managed to check out in a couple of hours the Lindt cafe with its... Continue Reading →

Currently reading this week…

I can't believe it's Wednesday already and the fact that I managed to walk out of Borders today empty handed! I would liked to try to make my blog a bit more interesting this week, but I've already fallen behind - combination of endless meetings and a current position that involves a lot of reading... Continue Reading →

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