Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 1/3/21

Happy autumn/spring. It’s still feeling rather summery as I write this. It might have been summery over the last week, I was honestly too busy to notice. I had two books arrive in the mail last week and I managed to get a couple of hours of shopping in too: The Other Black Girl by... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 22/2/21

It’s a busy weekend as it’s Pokemon GO Kanto Tour! Luckily I received two books in the mail for some R&R post-event… New Animal by Ella Baxter (available 2nd March) arrived thanks to Allen & Unwin. Amelia can’t connect with any of the men she meets. Maybe it’s her job, maybe it’s her lack of... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: If I Had Your Face by Frances Cha

  In brief: Four women are trying to keep their heads above water in their competitive lives in Seoul. The good: Different setting, different troubles. The not-so-good: Wasn’t as shocking as other reviews had led me to believe. Why I chose it: Read many excellent reviews. Year: 2020 Pages: 274 Publisher: Viking (Penguin) Setting: Mainly... Continue Reading →

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