#BFILoveFest on this weekend!

The Romance Festival is once again on this weekend (well, it starts on Friday UK time, which is my weekend here in Australia). If you've found Sam Still Reading via the festival page, welcome to my little corner of the web (the web is full of corners, isn't it?). I love to read and you'll... Continue Reading →

It’s National Bookshop Day!

Today is National Bookshop Day in Australia, an opportunity to celebrate your local bookshop or even go on a road trip to visit several! Last year, I was in Melbourne for it and it was awesome. People dressed as book characters, author readings and signings and story time for the kids – it was a... Continue Reading →

I’m back!

I'm sorry that I didn't update the blog over the last week, but I unexpectedly got some night shifts that turned out to be horrendously busy! (Just as I was planning to to do some study and work on the blog too). My review of Barry Maitland's Dark Mirror is below - a first rate crime... Continue Reading →

All over August

Even though I managed to read eight books in August, I think I spent nearly as much time reading as I did buying books. (More to come in September) I am still behind in reviews; sitting at a desk job (only temporary) in front of a computer all day keeps me away from the computer at night! I... Continue Reading →

February in a Nutshell

Well, I didn't get as many books read this month as I did in January. It's a shorter month with no public holidays plus I read some books that demanded more attention. My result was four books, all of which I enjoyed. The winner would have to be Fortune Cookie by Bryce Courtenay - simply... Continue Reading →

Recent Purchases

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend. I've been a little lax on the posts lately, mainly because of a short business trip to Melbourne.  I didn't have much time for shopping or photographs but Melbourne is as lovely as always. I managed to check out in a couple of hours the Lindt cafe with its... Continue Reading →

Challenge Update – January

Just a quick update on how I've been going with my challenges for 2011 (and I'm getting cabin fever at home!) By the end of January, I have made the following progress: 2011 Aussie Author Challenge My challenge: Tourist level (3 books by 3 different authors) In January, I read: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton... Continue Reading →

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