Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 5/2/18

What a week! I was so tired on the weekend I pretty much just read. Lucky that a couple of new books came my way… Differently Normal by Tammy Robinson was a surprise from Hachette. Maddy's life is all about routine in caring for her autistic sister Bee. But when Bee and Maddy meet Albert at... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Cockatoo (with BirdLife Australia)

In brief: A combination of short facts about the cockatoo family of birds combined with art. The good: Interesting facts and some great artistic work. The not-so-good: Really fast to read! Why I chose it: Christmas present Year: 2017 Pages: 124 Publisher: Thames & Hudson Rating: 7 out of 10 I was given a copy... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Deep by Kylie Scott

In brief: Lizzy has always had a thing for Stage Dive's bass player Ben. But a night in Vegas leaves her pregnant and even more confused. Ben's not one to be tied down so Lizzy will manage the best she can, alone… The good: It's Stage Dive plus we get to see more of the... Continue Reading →

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