REVIEW: Trio by William Boyd

In brief: In 1968, a film is being made in Brighton. For three people linked with the film, their secrets are about to come into the open. The good: Detailed characters and setting. The not-so-good: None of the characters are truly likeable. Why I chose it: Haven’t read enough of William Boyd’s work. Thanks to... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading: 9/11/20

A big week in U.S. politics and for COVID-19. Let’s talk books now. I received one book in the mail and bought two: Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson is book four in the Stormlight Archive series. At this point, neither side has gained an advantage in the war but new technology will change that.... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Weather by Jenny Offill

In brief: Lizzie has always helped others, be it her family or the patrons at the library where she works. But what happens when the problems get too big? The good: Original, quirky, funny and realistic. The not-so-good: I think you need to be in the right mood for the style of narrative. Why I... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Ten Drugs by Thomas Hager

In brief: The story of ten drugs that changed medicine over history, from opium to monoclonal antibodies. The good: Very interesting as the history of drugs is not really something that you learn. The not-so-good: I found the opium chapter a little too long. Why I chose it: I like a good medical book (and... Continue Reading →

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