The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction: My Wrap-Up

The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction is announced today. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading my way through the shortlist. I've been exposed to authors that I may not have read and bumped up some of those books that I mean to read some day. But most of all, I've loved reading the variety of... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: The Grand Tour Guide to the World

In brief: The companion book to the first series of The Grand Tour, involving three middle aged men, some cars and the world. (Please say the last part in Jeremy Clarkson's voice). The good: It's Clarkson, Hammond and May back together. The not-so-good: Occasionally falls a bit flat. Why I chose it: Cars, explosions, craziness…plus... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Baby Doctor by Fiona McArthur

In brief: Sienna Wilson doesn't want to leave her high flying obstetrics director position to investigate birth defects in remote Queensland, but needs must. Especially when they come with Sergeant McCabe to help out… The good: This book has everything you need and then some – drama, romance, friendship and happily ever after. The not-so-good:... Continue Reading →

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