REVIEW: Somewhere outside that finish line by The Killers

In brief: The story of The Killers' world tour in 2013, told in black and white pictures. Photographer: Erik Weiss The good: The pictures are gorgeous (even the ones without the boys in them). The not-so-good: Huge, heavy book (is this an attempt by the band for the fans to develop biceps like Brandon's?) Why... Continue Reading →


Mailbox Monday and What I’m Reading Special Edition: The Killers

Recently I came to the revelation that this is my blog and I can do things any way I want…after nearly 8 years. If you follow me on other forms on social media, you will know my passion for The Killers, who just happen to be in Australia this week as part of the Wonderful... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce

In brief: Emmy applies for a job, thinking it's a gateway to becoming a War Correspondent. Unfortunately, she's typing letters for the agony aunt of Woman's Friend magazine. The good: It's sweet and fun with a jolly tone. The not-so-good: So terribly sad in places. Why I chose it: Sent to me by Pan Macmillan... Continue Reading →

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